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Healing HippieStock (A Forum Dwellers' Party)

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DQ Darwin wrote:

I agree Hippie and I am sure all the griefing is being done now so come Hippiestock the coast should be clear. Welcome back and how is your sim all fixed now?


deGebelin agrees with DQ Darwin

deGebelin would think it difficult for Hippie to go back and read as many griefing posts were deleted

deGebelin understands the griefing has been a rogue solo griefer

deGebelin is happy the posts were deleted, and understands peace is within sight

Interpretation: deGebelin still will not attend Hippiestock

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DQ Darwin wrote:

Love that Ann, I stold it

deGebelin quoted Ann's post.

deGebelin also loved it.

deGebelin searches his cards;

deGebelin researches the OED;

deGebelin looks at Urban Dictionary;

deGebelin is without an answer.

deGebelin does not know the word "stold"

deGebelin humbly requests explanation.

Interpretation: deGebelin wants to laugh 'with' you.

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Ann Otoole wrote:


 That's a shame deGebelin, we will all miss you :(

Take heart from Stine Groves beautiful vocals :

Her extraordinarily exquisite timbre is not unlike a certain vocalist we all know and love, hey Miss Lillie :D

Songbird sissies united across oceans by common belief. (not sure wether Stine wrote this, but no vocal correction involved). Her nord accent makes it all the more ethereal.

Hexadecimal heaven from Headstrong Feat's trance synth programming.

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Canoro Philipp wrote:

the legend Darnell Dawkins

Our generation was so robbed by that pilot!! \o/

i would have done anything to bring him back just to hear him in person.

Damn you helicopter pilot..

a bit of trivia about that pilot..

for his lack of responsibility that day and the loss he gave to not only the world but the universe..he is the reason we use the term ROFLCOPTER nowadays when we really need that extra bit added to a laugh on a fail..

it's true..


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Ceka Cianci wrote:

wait.. so this is all over who might or might not be security? Oo



Yes Ceka lol!

No one knows the motivation behind the claim of being "at risk" by one individual on the griefing feeds.

Why the event would be subject to such behaviour is quite the mystery.

SL at it's finest :D

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Deltango Vale wrote:

Just a quick reminder that a problem remains with inworld delivery of notifications (and inventory items) while offline. People should check their email regularly until the problem is fixed.


Really? Thank you, Del. I had noticed that happening over the last two days but it coincided EXACTLY with my having updated to the latest Phoenix viewer so I naturally assumed it was viewer related. I've spent a good part of my inworld time lately looking at every freakin' setting in that thing, and now I find out it's an SL problem :-). Fortunately I do have everything going to email and I've saved any Marketplace stuff for when I'm inworld.

See you tommorow, and all the rest of you guys too, I hope. I know it's last minute but I had a great idea for a linden-making scheme. Someone with photoshop skills should make a lifesize poster with a pic of Ags on one side and offer the chance to "Have Your Picture Taken With the Last of the Yellow Flying Monkeys of Reece!". I'd figure at least 50L for that.

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Deltango Vale wrote:

This is interesting because I too upgraded Phoenix about the same time as the problem started, but, from what I understand, it is an SL-wide problem.

Grid/Viewer Status update: just logged in at 19:17 Linden time and I HAVE IM's sent earlier. So whatever it was has been fixed for now.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3369 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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