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streaming voice and music simultaneously

Zola Zsun

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I want to sing and play mp3 music AT THE SAME TIME 

I have heard it being done, but cannot get an answer from anyone about HOW it is done.

I have searched forums.. i found this question, but the answers only addressed streaming music alone

I already know how to do that using winamp and shoutcast

I do NOT know how to stream music AND audio from my mic at the same time. 

Doesn't anyone know how to do this?


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mew mew :)

I have not done it, though have through about what you might need to do it, theres lots of ways to approach this.

Assuming you have professional level equipment, or will get it, then an Audio interface is needed along with some high quality microphones.  You will then need software that can take the data from the audio interface (USB,FIREWIRE).

You could also put the mic through a mixer, if you were going to also include other things from outside the computer, then into the audio interface (If you dont have one built into your mixer).

You will need some production type software that can take the audio interface inputs and play them in real time along with the sound you are playing. This could be seperate, that includes software mixing, etc, that would then send it out either a stream, or straight to the streaming server like shoutcast.

Von Johin is a live performer in SL , his web site has a run down of what he uses. http://www.vonjohin.com

Another idea, is take the output from one soundcard into the mix, mix that with your voice over, run it back into the computer via audiointerface, to software that just takes whatever comes in and sends it straight to the streaming server.

Definitly easy to mix via hardware then real time mixing with software, unless you have a control surface for you software :)

Anyways, not to specific, but hope its get you thinking and moving into some right areas of reasearch. 

Of course a trip down to you local music store (Not cds, or stereos, but musical instruments, etc) but where they sell equipment, should prove very helpfull, as a good store will have everythign and the knowledge to help you a lot)


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not sure if my answer will be helpful but still wanna say)

there are 2 ways to put voice with music along

1-using shoutcast preferences (when you open winamp there is a window of shoutcast source opened with it)

so there you should go to INPUT

check microphone

and see 2 buttons below *push to talk* and *lock*

*push to talk* -voice is heard while you pushing it

*lock*- the button locked as pushed and your voice is always heard


2-using  SL voice the same as you use it when you chat with people


if you have some questions im me I'll help since I woulв love to sing in sl as well but also have problems with this =)

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My setup is similar to the previous one but maybe a litle bit more complex. I have a laptop with MP3+G karaoked songs on it and i use a Karaoke player software to play the songs. I use the headphone jack to output the music from the laptop to the input of my Karaoke machine where my microphone is connected. The music and microphone outputs are mixed together in the karaoke machine and the output is ran to the microphone input on a second laptop which is running SL. I use the local voice either push to talk or lock to play the incoming audio from the karaoke machine. This allows me to mix the music and microphone output levels to create the correct output of each.


Hope this is helpful

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3795 days.

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