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Lynn Shiu

Arctica Dreams by Rebecca Bashly

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Just in case you don't know yet - I love art. And luckily, art isn't restricted to the real world. Please don't be mistaken; Second Life is a great place to find all kind of art. It's like a global village where all cultures come together, a place where photographers, fashion designers, musicians, actors and other artists from all over the world unite!
Take this exposition, Arctica Dreams, which promotes culture and art in the Metaverse.

Snapshot_892.png Snapshot_873.png

The exposition is located in an icy cave. You'll land in the snow, and you must jump into a hole to enter Rebecca's world of ice. If you walk around for a bit, you'll eventually notice some kind of ice tunnel. If you enter it, you'll come across the ice sculptures.

Snapshot_880.png Snapshot_889.png 

The exposition is held by Rebecca Bashley, and can be visited until the 11th of January 2012. The sculptures are all made by female SL artists.

Snapshot_881.png Snapshot_882.png Snapshot_887.png

  Snapshot_879.png Snapshot_888.png Snapshot_884.png

Snapshot_885.png Snapshot_883.png

Snapshot_886.png Snapshot_890.png

A new exposition is being held each month at MetaLES. So if you're an art lover, make sure to take a look every now and
then! More information can be found on MetaLES' website: http://www.metalesperformance.blogspot.com/


~ Visit MetaLES ~

Looking for more? Then please visit http://fromsecondlifewithlove.blogspot.com

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