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Why SL no tell users about great success.

Abal Azambuja
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SL now has joined the real world as a change agent.

Easily 400 people attended OCCUPY EARTH worldwide, a 24 hour online music and poetry festival; Occupiers raised enough funding to keep over 200 hands warm this winter at Occupy Wall Streets all over America and the World. Literally ALL DAY December 17, 2011, this truly global event featured 5 hours of Live Poetry Readings, 7 hours of Live Music Concerts, and 10 hours of Incredibly Fun DeeJay Partie.

Link to CNN iReport: http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-719092


I think SL need explore the social implication of its media.

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Hi Abal, as much as I like the Occupy movement and idea of it ...

there are 2 major faults/misunderstandings in your post:

SL is a platform, nothing more nothing less. Whatever is done on or with this platform is entirely up to us, the users. If you think you must let the world know about the huge success build a big billboard on your land, organize a huge party, have events, found an info group, etc.

If you were talking about LL, as the host of SL, they are a commercial company, not a political party. They look at things from a business perspective and have probably decided not to get involved in RL politics.

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No.  It is a growing movement in human consciousness that is recognizing how we have been manipulated and controlled by those in power to their advantage only for much of human history. 

It has it's flaws but it also has great potential and I think this will become more evident over time.  It is not political...hence no demands or ego driven demands.  It is a leaderless evolution..something the likes of which have not been seen before in human history.

At It's core I believe it will grow to be an ethical/Spritual movement that knows no borders but a shared humanity and a recognition of the need to take back our power for the good of all.


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