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Clairehaven Estates: Happ...aww, the heck with it...Merry Christmas everyone!

Sandi Glas

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At Clairehaven Estates, our only goal is to provide a place of refuge set in a libertine atmosphere of peaceful coexistence. We pride ourselves on providing a tranquil environment for those who want a place to call home. We're small, and like to think of ourselves as family here. Contact Sandi Glas or Veronicaa Ninetails with any questions. For Haven III, you may also contact mechelle Oceanlane. We do have some basic covenants, so please take the time to read them before purchasing land.

SPECIAL OFFER: Upon purchase of land from Clairehaven Estates, you are eligible for a free house* from award winning Glas Houses. Or, if you wish, Glas Houses will build you a custom home for a special Clairehaven discounted price**.

*Famous Detective Brownstone and Leda excepted. House must fit parcel.
**See Sandi Glas for details.

All land sold undeveloped, with full rights including terra-forming. It is our belief that your home and land in SL should be as you wish it, and not someone else's idea of "home". There are some minimal limits within the covenants so that everyone may enjoy a peaceful home life, so please read the covenants.

Land available as of 12/24/11:

HAVEN I (Moderate) Residential

Clairehaven, referred to as Haven I or The Big Island, is our original region. It is a residential only, moderate rated, region with 20% bonus prim and a community lagoon. It is rare for us to have land available here and it usually isn't on the market long. The neighborhood is eclectic and charming. Here there be witches, and vamps, and a regular joe or two.

Parcel 8 - 3072 sq. m., 844 prims, south shore, L$1325 per week.

HAVEN II (Moderate) Residential

All Haven II islands have ocean views, a large community lagoon for water sports, and 20% bonus prims. Building styles are liberally allowed, but please see the Covenants for limits.

Island 6 - 4096 sq. m., 1124 prims, sunrise view, L$1625 per week.

HAVEN III (Adult) Residential/Commercial

Haven III is an adult rated region with mixed residential and limited commercial use. There is minimal limit on building style though there are some limits for commercial use. Please read the covenants.

Sorry, no land currently available.

HAVEN IV (Moderate) Residential

All Haven IV Islands have ocean views and a large community lagoon for water sports.
Haven IV is zoned as a "beach house" development and is ideal for those who wish a laid back, relaxed style of living.

Sorry, no land currently available.

HAVEN V (Moderate) Residential

All Haven V parcels have 20% bonus prim, ocean views, and a large community lagoon for boating and watersports. There is no specific building style, but please see covenants for height and other limits.

Parcel 6 - 2048 sq. m., 562 prims, sunrise view, L$815 per week.

Parcel 15 - 2048 sq.m., 562 prims, sunset view, L$815 per week.


Please visit our store on Marketplace (enter Sandi Glas in search) or stop by our Visitor's center for the most current available land information: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Haven%20IV/75/76/402

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4358 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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