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Adult Community Meeting


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Since apparently many forum participants are unaware of the existence of an Adult Forum (it was originally hidden from public view, and now resides way below the fold - beyond even the strange lands of the foreign language  forums - in a position which would be the equivalent of hell in most legends) I thought it might be useful to make a post here suggesting that it be raised up from the depths, particularly since it is - as far as I know - the only remaining place where feedback (hence this thread in the Forum Feedback forum) is actually acknowledged on a regular basis, albeit by the ubiquitous Hydra (oh that instead it was Cerberus) that is Linden Lab, except when the mask slips.

The Adult Forum still has User Meetings (although attendance has diminished as the contributors have realised that lip service is all that seems to be paid to the consultative process) the latest of which is documented here.

Selected highlights of the meeting include:

Viale Linden:  I am not seeking traffic to forums. Just another transparent device.

Which seems not to accord with the recent disastrous initiatives promoting Spampires, Games, WInter in South Africa and the location of the official Linden Lab black hole that is Support.

Counter Landfall: if anyone sees a need for a new category, suggest  tit in the forum

Which seems entirely appropriate for an Adult Forum, but unfortunately falls foul of the need for the Adult Forum to remain PG/General.

Mind you, Counter went on to ask Viale:

Counter Landfall: do you want to run listings for escorts in the forums?

Which surprised me, as I did not realise that Viale had a thing going inworld as a bordello owner.

Oh, and as a heads up about the direction that LL is taking:

Viale Linden: I would like to consider putting age verification in the Registration.

Attendance is open, I understand. Perhaps Adults that used to attend CTUG meetings might wish to pop along to future meetings.

The Judge

/is interested in the facts, just the facts.

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Venus Petrov wrote:

[...] sounds like they, too, will go the way of one-way written communication with Linden Lab via the Adult Feedback Forum.

Well, some of us sure hope not.  It doesn't help that attendance has fallen.  (Due to RL schedule conflict, I missed yesterday -- the penalty for which seems to have been getting assigned a deliverable. :matte-motes-agape: )

This thread is especially relevant to this Forums Feedback section because one thing that remains a problem is that the Adult category isn't listed under Forums in the right-hand column at the top level, along with every other category.  I'd sort of expected that might have been fixed by now, as it's been brought up both at the Adult Content and Community Tools user groups (back when CT had a UG).

Not that raising it again here is certain to have effect, but it would be nice if it did.

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