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Noelia Douner

Voice and sound issues

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Hi there!

I am currently running SL using the Phoenix viewer, and I am having issues with sound and voice.

The voice problem must be due to my mic not working, which I'm not sure, but I can't hear ambient, or people on voice. (I don't have the bright  dot above my avatar's head).

I went on Preferences and the "enable voice chat" box is checked. Tried reseting voice, didn't work.

Oh, I am using Subwoofer speakers, I dunno if this is important, lol.

Hope someone has any idea on how to fix this.

Thank you!

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The Knowledge Base is most likely to have the same solution that I can suggest, but nevertheless:

The Voice and ambient sounds issue is most likely as a result of two important .exe (executable) files in you viewer being blocked by your antivirus programme. It is certainly nothing todo with having subwoofer speakers on your system

The two in question are

1) vivox.exe which instals the voice software on your PC,


2) SLplugin.exe which allows SL sounds to play through your system.

Both are notorious for being swept up by antivirus programmes, especially Norton.

The best way to solve this is to make exceptions to these two files in your antivirus permissions, but you may not know how to do that, and I'm afraid I cannot help you there.

The other way would be to turn off your antivirus programme, but I really do not recommend you to do that.

Since you run the Phoenix Viewer, you could join the in-world Phoenix/Firestorm Support group...they will at the least direct you to relevant pages on the Phoenixviewer.com site in the Phoenix Wiki.  To join search the group's name under groups!

Good Luck!


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If you ever need to whitelist any executable file with your anti-virus program, here's a good  set of instructions for how to do it >>> http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/doku.php?id=as_anti-virus_white_listing_steps

Incidentally, there's another possible reason for voice and streamed media to disappear.  You may have your Maximum Bandwidth set too high (in Preferences >> Graphics).  That slider should normally be set at around 1,500 for most people.  It determines the maximum amount of your available bandwidth that your viewer will use for basic functions like handling object/avatar shapes and texture, motion, communication, etc.  If you set it too high, then your viewer may try to use all of your available bandwidth for those functions.  That will give you better FPS and less lag, but it can leave you with no available bandwidth for voice and streaming music or video.  If your are having trouble with voice or music getting choppy or dropping our altogether, sometimes lowering Maximum Bandwidth can cure the problem right away.

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