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Homes to rent on a themed tropical private island with large communal area


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Cosmos Island rental ad.jpg

Welcome to Cosmos Island - Tropical Playground!

A calm, tropical paradise where you can relax, unwind and fully enjoy your flights of fantasy. Cosmos Island proudly introduces a unique concept in island living featuring a fusion of modern day comforts, cool events and ancient cultures.


13 currently available, plus skyboxes, with a range of prices. As an illustration, shown below is the smallest and the largest of the homes sited on the ground:

Please note there is a 5% discount for payments of 10 weeks or more on all parcels.

Please bear in mind that you also have doorstep tp access to all of the top quality facilities provided for your pleasure in the 18,000+ square meter communal lagoon area of Alexandros. You will also be part of the vibrant Cosmos Estate Rentals group.

OPTIONS (you may have more to suggest!)

1 Demolish the home provided at ground level and use the prims freed up for us to create a sky box for you with a panoramic scene changer, featuring beaches and water. There is a small additional charge for this service of @L$100 per week. The land at ground level remains available for you to use. 

2 Ask us to add a 3 prim basement shell below your home. Please ask for a very reasonable quote or we can grant you temporary terrain editing rights, under strict supervision.

3 Request your allocation of bonus prims, available at a premium rate of L$2 per prim, on a first come first served basis.

4 Select the unfurnished Greek style home, as seen at Parcel 1 – Delphi, and benefit from an additional flat roof floor level.

Parcel 11 - The Bastion - 3008 square meters
L$1115 per week
196 prims used for house and landscaping
546 prims remaining and available for use
bonus prims may be available
742 prim total

Parcel 14 – Herculania - 3520 square meters
L$ 1300 per week
208 prims used for house and landscaping
660 prims remaining and available for use
bonus prims may be available
868 prim total

Skyboxes, with panoramic scene changer, are typically 1964 square meter with 180 prim for L$396 per week. Choose your own home and furnish it to your individual tastes, within your prim allowance!

Community facilities

The island provides a strongly themed setting for 15 state-of-the-art homes plus skyboxes with easy access to the private lagoon and dramatic sea views of the surrounding off shore islands. The appearance of the homes is strictly controlled to preserve the visual harmony of the island with a unique external styling that reflects the characteristics of traditional greek homes. Internally, decor and furnishings may be adapted to reflect your individual tastes. The temples and lagoon areas, provided for the enjoyment of all residents, with tp links to your doorstep, have many features that await your discovery and enjoyment including:

- an incredible rocky outcrop capped by an amphitheatre – a dramatic setting for cultural events and communal activities - the ancient greek amphitheatre creates a perfect setting for social events, games and performance arts, including music, dance and DJ sessions;
- the Temple of Aphrodite sits on a rocky mount where your passions will be inflamed by the spirit of the goddess of love and beauty;

Temple of Aphrodite for destination guide.jpg
- the Temple of Concordia is the perfect place for couples to confirm their bonds and seek harmony;

Temple of Concordia ad.jpg

- Eros Knoll, a place for romancing under the pine trees;

- the secluded windmill, with a dark secret, sitting in a small island in the lagoon;
- Psyche’s Plunge, a beautiful boulder strewn waterfall with cliff diving from the top;
- the rope bridges that provide a nerve wracking walkway between the ancient sites on the island;
- the Lair of the Beast: a cave based challenge for the intrepid warriors amongst you (coming soon) including a bdsm cavern;
- the lagoon, at the heart of the island, provides plenty of fun potential for jet ski, swimming and other water based activities; 
- other treasures still to be unearthed by the management team!

A brief history of the island

Circa 327 BC, during Alexander the Great’s conquest of India, a doomed trireme set sail for Athens: but the Fates had other plans. Passengers included veteran warriors, philosophers, artisans and some of the most beautiful women captured during the conquests. A terrible storm swept the vessel from its coast hugging route and far out into the Arabian Sea. The ship eventually foundered, weeks later, on what is now known as Cosmos Island.

The current situation

The island has finally been identified in a secret location in the Bay of Bengal where the primitive, indigenous peoples have long been protected by the government and few outsiders have been allowed to visit. A team of archaeologists, investigating the mythical voyage and sponsored by us, were recently granted access.

In return for our assistance, we have gained exclusive rights to offer rented homes with stringent conditions attached to protect the cultural heritage.
Sadly, global warming may inundate much of the island during the next few decades – so act now to secure your unique opportunity to live in an island paradise before it is lost forever!

Live the Cosmos Island dream!

Contact MrHardwood Resident for more details or to arrange a viewing!


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4574 days.

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