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how to make a home a home

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Just to give a different reply.... SL is full of furnished houses with no one in them.  The first thing to do is meet some people; people are what makes it a real home!  Search out groups and locations related to your interests, or your viewer has links to popular destinations.  Talk to people, say hello, share your thoughts and experiences.  Once you have people to hang out with there, then it's not too hard to figure out how to grab a couch from the marketplace and rez it!

There are also plenty of places that offer furnished rentals, if you don't want to be bothered by that.

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Hello msstockings. At first you have to think what you want to put in your house. After you can buy your stuff from Marketplace or from the stores in world. You can find also free furniture (or almost free). When you buy something, in world you get a pop up window where you have to click "Keep". You see a box in your inventory and you have to open (to unpack it). Stand in your house and drag it on the floor --> right click --> open --> copy to inventory. After that you are ready to use it. Drag again the stuff on the floor. After right click on it --> Edit and with the arrows you move it where you want. You repeat same process with all your furniture. That's all. If still you have difficulties, you can ask a friend in world to help you. If you haven't someone feel free to im me. Have fun!

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i like to put things there that i love to do..like hobbies..

i spend a lot of time at my home because it's a useful place for me..but at the same time i have it where it is a place i can relax and also have people over..

i guess it just depends on how immersed you are as to what really makes it feel like a home..

really immersed people will have all the details  like little nick knacks on the ends tables and a bathroom with a vanity and toilet and even the tp roll thingy in the wall and little soaps and tooth brushes ect..

where someone not so immersed may just have the basics and make their home more of a utility..adding the things they feel are useful to them..like a creator may decide to have a room set to the side just for making stuff..or a photographer having their green room upstairs..

a home is what you make it..it's part of what you are..in the real world it's where we keep all our stuff and feel secure and sleep really good in those thunder storms..

in here it's kind of the same...it's where we keep our rezzed things that make us feel good and relax with..

if a table of nick knacks makes you feel nice and relaxed and at home with all the other fine details..then that may be it..

if it's a place where you can just get away from the crowd and create something that makes the clock tick so fast that you just never feel there are enough hours in the day..then that may be it ..or maybe even both..

a home is what each of us makes it..they can say a lot about a person =)

take some of yourself and start with what you would want in there..something from childhood..like your old bedroom or maybe an apartment that you wished you could live in again..or take pieces from your whole life and put them in one room or their own room..

there is so many things that can make a home a home..but you could never tell me what would make mine..just like we could never tell you what would make yours..

if you are meaning a real home hehehe


if you are talking about where to get some furniture..then sorry about all that typing up there LOL

 that's easy..search engine in world or market place has tons of things in all kinds of price ranges and quality..

and if you are premium ..LL just gave away tons of free furniture just a couple of months ago..maybe the kiosks still have them available.. =)


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3439 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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