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How long can you stay online ?

Monti Messmer
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Finished a project for a virtual campus they complain about "greeters" that need to be relogged again and again.

I know we have the WED-THU restarts and some inbetween so

How long can you manage to stay online with a regular Viewer - LL V2, V3, Phoenix, Firestorm ... whatever ?

Thanks Monti

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Hi Monti! I have been using Firestorm for a long time and I am now on the latest LL V3 viewer. Actually I can't even remember when was the last time I was logged out. :smileyvery-happy: I think last time I crashed was before I got my new iMac in July.

I have no problem staying online as much as want so far. (*crosses fingers and hopes it will last*)

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Hi, we are only logged out if we are inactive for a certain amount of time. Simply go to your preferences and change the time you can remain logged in to SL yet inactive, you can set it from 5 to 10 minutes or even to Never if you want. If you set it to Never you may have troubles with people that start talking to your avatar and get upset that you are not responding, if they are new they may think you are rude not realizing it is just because you are away from your comp at the time. When coming back to your computer remember to check the chat history to see if someone did stop by and spoke to you while you were away, if so you can send them a message telling them you are back. Of course if there is a restart you will still be logged out but that's not a daily occurrence.

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It varies, but between half an hour and an hour seems to be what I manage usually.

The time between relogs will vary from person to person even when using the same viewer (and version), I think, and is dependent on a few factors. Here's a couple of them.

In my case, I'm on a portable Mac with an ok amount of memory - both regular RAM and graphics memory - and I live in a relatively cold climate. I also try not to have my graphics settings set to high.

The reason I say this, and I assume both you and other people know this :), but the viewer - any of them really - is very demanding on the hardware and cause the computer to produce a lot of heat. A stationary, well ventilated, computer in the same location as I am will probably get more time between relogs than I do. But if that same computer was in a warmer climate it might not. The higher the graphics settings, the harder the computer have to work, and the more heat it will produce. If the computer gets too hot, it may crash (or the viewer will).

Having more memory is probably going to help the length of time between relogs. I see as I am in world that the amount of memory the viewer use increase quite quickly. This is somewhat dependent on where I go and how often I tp to different places. I believe this increase in memory consumptuion is partly because of memory leaks in the viewer (which are actually quite easy to find using some of the tools available for the purpose, but which I haven't done lately). I assume there are other reasons for the memory consumption as well, but I don't know much about these.

My point is, the length of time will vary, and is not necessarily tied to a viewer in particular. Try several and see what give you the best mileage.

- Luc -

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Most viewers now allow you to set the amount of time before an avatar goes 'idle', and before an avatar is logged off for inactivity. Most bot programs should have that setting as a standard feature, since a bot that has to be logged back in frequently would be pretty worthless.

Recently LL has been deploying server upgrades once a week, so that would be the practical limit. If your greeter bot is in the sim and the sim restarts, it will get logged off and have to be logged back in again.

I am sure some clever bot programmers have a way to detect if the connection to the sim drops, and to detect when the sim comes back on-line and automatically log in again. Check the various bot programs out there, and you'll probably find that feature, and be able to use that bot app to run your greeter.

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Thanks for all the input.

Yes i know about that idle setting, i come from the days u need to wear an anti-idle script to stay online looool Good them days are gone.

I agree that there are to many reasons why someone can or cannot stay online but i had to try ask.

The program i use is a software i wrote because it´s a little bit more than a greeter bot or any other bot i´ve seen on SL.

I thought students should be able to setup a cron job to restart the bots instead of complain that they go offline once or twice a week ;)

Oh anyone using a bot on SL and has data how often they restart? Usually u wont notice because they are on and off quick.

What i forgot, i cannot stay online for more than 23.59 hours because then my internet provider cuts me off for a second, thanks German Telekom !


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With the official LL viewer not more then 10 minutes, with beta much less then that. (with 3rd party never crashed in months!)

If you dont want to use 3rd party viewers it means one have to quit SL. And how many new residents are not aware of 3rd party viewers....

I cant go anywhere the viewer crashes to desktop.

I know my way around in SL and viewerland and I have all set as it should be and my system is more then up for SL....

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