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Experienced Weapon Designer for RP Available

Ian Winters

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Hey all, 

If there is anyone who is setting up an RP Sim that incorporates combat and is looking for someone to help with weapon, armor, and tech/gadget/accessory design and implementation, please send me (Ian Winters) an IM in world and we can discuss it. I have the following to offer:

1 X .44 Magnum Revolver

(Custom design)

1 X Anti Material Rifle

(Custom design)

2 X Assault Rifles

(1 looks nearly identical to an HK416, the other is a more custom design based loosely off of the SCAR rifle)

2 X Bolt Action Rifles

(1 is a custom design, the other looks like a German Karabiner 98k)

1 X Chaingun

(Custom design)

1 X Compound Bow

(Custom design)

1 X Double Barrel Shotgun

(Looks like a generic double barrel shot gun from 20th-21st century)

1 X Grenade Launcher

(Custom design)

1 X Handgun

(Custom design)

1 X Hunting Crossbow

(Custom design)

1 X Machinegun

(Looks similar to the Mk.46 Mod 0, but with a SCAR buttstock)

1 X Machine Pistol

(Custom design, based loosely off of the pistol from the 5th element)

1 X MP40 SMG

(As the name implies, design of the famous german WWII smg)

1 X Revolver Sniper Rifle

(Custom design)

1 X Revolver w. Crossbow Underbarrel

(Custom design)

1 X Sawnoff Shotgun

(A sawnoff, aka shorter, version of the double barrel shotgun)

1 X Shotgun

(Custom design, similar to the benelli m4 super 90 shotgun without the buttstock)

1 X Snubnose Revolver

(Custom design, shorter version of the .44 magnum abover, with a different gun handle)

I also have a number of melee weapon designs, including combat knives, katanas, daggers, and swords (lots of longswords, broadswords, and claymores), as well as some halberd and spear designs. Most of the melee weapons are currently scripted and animated, so they are ready to be implemented immediately.

They are all very detailed and high quality, but are un scripted.I have animations for most of them (animations for all of the basic funcions of all the guns, such as holding animations, aiming animations, reloading animations, and a few secondary functions such as attaching a silencer). I also possess a very large (and well organized library) of guns sounds, which includes over 135 sounds, (107 various assault rifle, sniper rifle, pistol, etc firing sounds, 24 reload sounds, and 4 misc sounds). All weapons are currently ready to be scripted and im also willing and able to do custom designs as well. I am also fairly competent in scripting, and would be happy to work with a more proficient scriptor to modify the firing system i currently use in my weapons that are on sale in the SL Marketplace to work with any combat meters you wish to use.

You wont see any of these weapons and guns anywhere else on the grid, so you will be having very unique weapons available to you to make your RP as unique as possible in terms as to combat.

I also have a number of armor and gear designs as well to offer, and i can also assist with location designs (such as helping to build a city/town, etc.

Please feel free to shoot me an IM in world, as i am also willing to do this work mainly for free

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4605 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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