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Yuma Airy

[RESOLVED] Login and Teleporting Failures


Has been resolved, I can not login.

Error Message is



"Login failed.

Could not connect to the simulator. "



Thank You!

Has been resolved.

Was caused by a group of tags were garbled.

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Hello Yuma and welcome to SL Forums. After that, we had again announcements for issues in world in http://status.secondlifegrid.net/ and we will have more almost all the month (untill 25th of December). Maybe your problem is relative. If so, try to log in a different region like Smith, Exeuxoa or Anzere. See if that makes any difference.

In addition another cause you get this message is when you have invalid characters in your group tag. It is a known bug with a 2-byte character being sliced in half, resulting in a corrupt character. For more details about, please check out the answers at the following thread and how you can resolve it: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Technical/quot-unable-to-connect-to-simulator-quot-can-any-one-help-plz/qaq-p/1131561

Good luck.

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