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Looking to Buy a Parcel

Axiom Serenity
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I'm looking to buy or rent [I don't have a premium membership] a parcel 4096 [or around that] SQM in size, in a mixed or unzoned sim.

I plan on part of it  being a coffeeshop style building where people can meet up and discuss things [I don't plan on it being huge], the other part I plan on putting up my home [It can be two 2048 parcels side by side]. I would like to set up in a decent, nice-looking neighborhood with fairly low lag.

If you guys know of parcels or can help me get started, please let me know. If you decide to IM me in world, then please let me know that you're interested in helping me with this.

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Axiom Serenity wrote:

If you guys know of parcels or
can help me get started
, please let me know.

Here's my help for locating a suitable parcel on mainland. Use a TPV of the V1-type interface, such as Singularity, Phoenix, or Imprudence. Select Search->Land and set the drop-down dialog for mainland. Set the size to greater than or equal to 4096 sqm. Click the top of the column for L$/Sqm so that it's sorted ascending from low to high. Teleport to each parcel and look at the statistics (press control alt 1). Look for something with good FPS, time dilation of 1, less than 2,500 scripts and less than 6,000 objects for a low lag sim.


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You can rent land on mainland without a premium membership but you cannot purchase on mainland.  You can purchase or rent without premium membership on estate land.  You can also look in the other subforums in the  Land forum for rentals or land sales that would fit your needs.

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