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Ginette Pinazzo

PROPOSAL: Forum Thread Naming

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Forum Thread Naming Standard
proposal by Ginette Pinazzo 11-25-11

As an alternative to a long list of forum categories (and subcategories), a simple thread naming standard can allow the best of both worlds; through the delineation of topic categories within a single flowing stream.

With this scheme, there would only be one category (stream)  and each thread subject would be named as starting with an All Caps category.
ARTICLE: Why Adults Love SL
EVENT REVIEW: Nude Skating Party
PROPOSAL: Add Food Car to Zindra Monorail
UPCOMING EVENT: Nude Skydiving Marathon
HELP WANTED: Furry DJ Needed
NEW GROUP: Zindra Reporters Association

A preset list of categories could be devised, as a starter list to set precedent, and users could always create new ones as the forum evolves.

Thread types are highlighted and make catching up easier, more convenient
One continuous stream prevents threads from becoming lost in subcategories
Thread naming may inspire users to generate solid topics and stay on topic
All Caps headings allow for at-a-glance tracking of the tone, direction and use of forum


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This is a neat idea.  I've learned from running many other forums on the web that it's best to keep the number of subforums to a minimum, creating them only when there is a clear need to isolate certain material from the main discussion.


That said, I wouldn't be really hopeful about getting folks to use the convention.  I've tried similar ideas in the past, and the logistics of user training usually thwart the plan.  The number of visible characters in the topic list might be a problem, too.  The category names would limit the characters available for each thread's unique title.


Nevertheless, lead by example and see if folks pick up on it.  :)

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