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☆Stunning Vistas, Waterways & Unique Terrain Awaits You☆

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Are you interested in joining a unique community in Second Life?  The Syzygy Islands are 7 mature sims with ~54% of the m2 allocated as protected common land.

We Syzygians are a collection of builders, scripters, artists and educators who enjoy exploring the potential of virtual worlds.  The Syzygy Islands are our palette for the creation of natural and unnatural spaces, a place where we can learn from one another and is our retreat from the hectic pace of real life.  Socialize or live in privacy -- the choice is yours.

We provide areas for building, collaborating, playing, holding events and more.  We are a fun-loving, open-minded, and supportive group of individuals.  We hold impromptu and scheduled events, inviting participation from fellow residents as they are inspired to do so.

Lands are available to own (Shareholder) or rent.  See below for purchase details regarding currently available parcels as well as additional information of note.  Again, thank you for your consideration, and we hope to see you soon!

We offer two types of land acquisition:  Owning (these residents are referred to as Shareholders) and Renting (Residents).  Renting is ideal if you wish to “try before you buy” or you are not certain you wish to commit yourself long-term to the Syzygy Community.

While the Tier payments are the same whether you own or rent, owning involves an additional one-time share buy-in.  This share buy-in is non-refundable, although you may sell your land and recoup this cost if you wish.

Shareholders (owners) are privy to a special set of benefits befitting their commitment to the community.  A detailed list of these benefits are outlined at the bottom of this message.


Syzygy About Land Calliope P1b.png


= Description =
Positively stunning land with perfect privacy.  Amazing waterfront surround and nestled at the base of Calliope's main mountain range.  The possibilities with this property are endless.  Create a reclusive cove, or a mountain hideaway, or... well, you get the idea.

= Renting (Resident) =
Prims Total = 4064 (3864 useable); Keep 100 prims free for vehicular use + ~100 prims free for your sim's common land beautification
Land = 13,328 m2
Tier (per week) = USD$25

= Landmark =


Syzygy About Land Helios S1b.png

SYZYGY HELIOS (mature full sim) SUPER #1

= Description =
Located in a small valley between two mountain ranges, the view is outstanding from high above, looking out at the heart of Syzygy's waterways.  The land affords considerable privacy for those who desire or a point of attraction for those who wish to grace the land with an awe inspiring mountain top structure befitting the theme.

= Renting (Resident) =
Prims Total = 937 (905 useable); Keep 32 prims free for vehicular use
Land = 3,072 m2
Tier (per week) = USD$7.50

= Landmark =


Syzygy About Land Helios S2b.png

SYZYGY HELIOS (mature full sim) SUPER #2

= Description =
On the far side of Helios, a reclusive region of Syzygy, rests this waterfront land at the base of a mountain.  Shape the land to your will, carving into the mountain, or lower the land into a private valley of your own.

= Renting (Resident) =
Prims Total = 937 (905 useable); Keep 32 prims free for vehicular use
Land = 3,072 m2
Tier (per week) = USD$7.50

= Landmarks =



  1. If you wish to own or rent, buy the land (for the equivalent of ~2 weeks tier) and notify Samantha Glume whether you wish to own (Shareholder) or rent (Renter) the parcel.  An appropriate payment box will be set up and if you wish to buy, you will be asked for the outstanding balance & one-time Buy-In.
  2. Objects currently on land are "for show", however, they may remain on the land if desired.  If desired, notify Elric Anatine of your intent, buy the land, keep the auto-return at 0, set or deed the land to a group, invite Kulta Hannu to the group and she will set all objects to this group.
  3. Join the SL Group "Syzygy Island Community".  Your role/tag will be adjusted to reflect your community status within 24 hours.

Please visit the Syzygy Community Centre and view the Available Land Board for other properties currently available.
Syzygy Available Land Board


  • Core community members have owned land together since 2007. Syzygy formed in 2008.
  • There is a covenant in place which serves as a guideline so that all residents may enjoy their virtual home.
  • ~54% of total region m2 are protected/common grounds, offering privacy for you and many spaces to enjoy & play.
  • Expansive 7 region waterways, bays & inlets with prims available to enjoy them.
  • 7Seas Fishing available everywhere.


  • You have full parcel powers (i.e. edit terrain, avatar banning, media etc.).
  • Land can be recut (moved) and/or resized to your needs.
  • Landscaper available to provide assistance.
  • Land is available to own (Shareholder) or rent.  Shareholders have a variety of additional benefits (see below).


  • May use the Featured Shareholders Installation space on Syzygy Eos to curate an exhibition (~900 prims).
  • Attend & contribute to meetings relating to the Community's operation (i.e. land development & direction, costs, covenant details etc.).
  • Vote on items relating to the Community's operation.
  • May directly involve or influence the aesthetics and operation of the Community with creation (building, scripting etc.) and management skills.
  • Receive special tier bonuses when holding multiple shares.
  • Receive discounts on tier when available (i.e. Syzygy is at maximum capacity).
  • May place a smallish/lowish prim commercial vendor for their creations or endeavours in the Community Centre.
  • May allocate a segment of their lands to a business or commercial endeavour (no shops outwardly visible on the ground level, however).
  • May place and keep items on Common Grounds in concert with the Common Groundskeeper.
  • May utilize free prims on common lands for building
  • May resell their Share to receive a return on their buy in.

flickr Group 

online help documents 
Contact Samantha Glume.

[Elric is just the Syz Admin]


Syzygy has a general Theme that emphasizes natural landscapes using high-quality materials. The overarching aesthetic will focus on structures and/or ruins that represent a technically-advanced Chalcolithic alien culture a la Stargate or Myst.

The concept behind Syzygy is that it is a world that has been colonized by a number of beings throughout the ages, some of which have blended pre-existing ancient technologies with theirs.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3435 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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