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An unexpected error has occurred...

Innula Zenovka
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It's not uncommon, I find, when I receive an email notification of new post in a thread in which I've participated, to try to go there to reply and be greeted with the following message:

An Unexpected Error has occurred.

  • Sorry, your request failed. A notification has been sent to the development team for investigation.

    Exception ID: 5B38AE6C

    Please click the Back button on your browser.


OK, we all know that means the thread has been pulled (or, at least, that particular post has). Fair enough; I'm not complaining about that.

However, what does puzzle me is why I'm presented with an error message that's palpably untrue -- an error hasn't occurred; on the contrary, the thread's no longer there because someone's removed it, so it's hardly unexpected that people won't be able to read it any more.    The unexpected error would be if I could see it stil, surely?

And I really don't see the point of setting up a system that apparently  spams the development team with requests that they please investigate why people can't read threads or posts after the moderators have removed them.

Why on earth can't someone put a sensible error message on the lines of "Sorry, the thread you are trying to reach has been removed" or "is no long available" or something?

It's a minor point, but it really irritates me.

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It is probably a Lithium default message.  I suppose that if the LL development team did not want to be bombarded by these messages, they might do something about it.  Who knows?  Perhaps they have. Perhaps they have turned off the switch that actually sends them the message.  We still see it, but they do not.

Now, that would be funny.

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The unexpected error is that the link no longer points to anything. When the link was created, to take you to something you were subscribed to, there was some where to take you upon clicking. Now, unexpectedly, there is nothing there, because, as you know, the destination no longer exists. So for the poor little link whose job it was to take you to new content, something unexpected has occurred. :(

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but it really is unexpected... because the system is set up with no memory of previous actions (so no file that says hey there was something here but we yanked it).... and servers are about as bright as goldfish...only slightly more useful (unless you were going to make sushi with it)

but yeah I get what you are saying... the message should be close to standard 404... we don't have that, it may have been moved, deleted, or the address is wrong.

and now for some funny...


(kinda reminds me of "10 Second Tom" from 50 First Dates)

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