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looking for english speaking rp community 1600-1800


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I would like to find a roleplay community to become involved in -- my first avie just turned 3.  When I first joined, I was very interested in this sort of historical role play but never found one -- or maybe it was just not the right time for me to do that.  I have learned so much here.

Now, after 3 years - I have created another avatar and would like to emerge and feel part of such a community.

I only speak English - I fear this may be a problem.

I am also not very good about knowing what I should of this period in history - maybe this is part of the allure for me.

I hope to florish and grow - not be confined by group politics and a million rules.

Is there anyone out there willing to guide me into this new area of sl exporation?



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I would review each Century and decide where in time you want to be. Wiki has several pages that provide an overview of each century, reviewing each Century would help provide terminology for each era, you could use that data in Search for Groups Inworld.

I don't know of any historic role play groups well enough to recommend one. Of the groups I have seen, they have an established hierarchy and strict protocols. The 1800's would be less kingly and royal, many are western cowboy themed.

I think a good way to a part of a historic community would be bring something to the table, have a trade, barter or skill. (or a Region or bookoo bucks)  

You might want to look for a newly formed group that has room for growth.







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As an Rper and  RP Creator...I have this huge Pet Peeve...It simply boggles my mind the number of folks popping into an rp sim and say hey teach me....I know nothing!  I wouldn't mind that so much, but when you do try to help them by giving them notecards or resource URLs...they still want you to do it for them!

Uuumm...not to be orverly critical here, but if you don't know much about the period, why haven't you researched it? Why would you wish to go into a roleplay sim and be unprepared to roleplay? Observing for a time is fine, but you still should be prepared to roleplay whenever you step on a RP sim.  Interacting with others will help you learn the mechanics of roleplay and of how it may be done on a particular sim. 

If you "are not good about knowing what I should of this period in history", I strongly suggest you use this powerful tool called the internet and do a lot of reading like a lot of the better roleplayers in SL have done.  You want to RP 1600-1800 simply excercise your fingers and google it.  I just googled  "History Timeline 1600-1800"  and it returned over 300,000 hits. 




Start out in a general mode then refine  your search...do you want to learn more about religion? World events? Military History? 

Bookmark useful URLs to later refresh your memory.  While you can print  from the internet, I suggest the old fashion way and MAKE NOTES...the most useful tool in the world is still paper and pen...making notes puts it into memory.

If you need assistance creating your character, again google it....I just did it for you "how to create a character backstory"...it returned over 2.5 million hits.



You can flourish and grow if you are willing to put some time and effort into learning about RP, especially historical or theme based RP.  You may go to dozens of sims before you find one that you like or suits your desires.  When you get there, be willing to support the community financially, socially, and with loyalty. 

While some rules may seem stupid, they are put into place from experience.  If you don't understand a rule or why they are in place, kindly ask.  Most rules are put into place to benefit all players.  If you don't want millions of  rules, then I kindly suggest you spend your own money to buy a sim ($1000.00 USD) and pay tier each month (195.00-295.00 USD) to set up your own RP and invite others in to play for free and asking little of them.

Believe me none of us like rules nor group politics, but because we are social creatures rules and group politics are enevitable. Sim Owners and RP Admins are not professional entertainers.  We are not paid to entertain players.  Most open their sims and wallets so all can have fun.   It is usually a thankless job, but done for the love of RP. 

TP around and visit various RP venues.  READ THEIR RULES carefully and adhere to them. Try to dress in period costume (many at their own expense will have free costumes so you can fit in with out spending money) and observe RP.  If you have questions, IM someone and ask questions in IM rather than public chat...especially if RP is going on.  Be aware that some of the friendly RPs will try to draw you into friendly RP as well...gives you a chance to exercise your skills, ask questions, and maybe make a new friend or two.

MOST OF ALL  go into RP to have fun and create interactive stories with others. 


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1889 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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