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SL DJ Looking For Work

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I have over 2 years experience DJing on Second Life. I did lose the computer that had all my music, but I am slowly but surely getting everything back.

I have mostly Industrial / Goth / EBM / Synthpop / 80's

I can do requests easily and I can voice, do shout-outs, dedications, ect.

I use SAM and I do have my own stream if it is needed.

I can work on tips alone or on an amount per time, which ever is more convienent for you.

Please message me In-World if you are interested. Please say something more than "Hi" so I know you're someone not mass IMing people.

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Hi, I am the High Priestess at an ancient Macedonian sim. I will be having events, dances, party's, etc every Saturday. If you are interested in being our DJ on Saturdays & possibly other days, I would be willing (after an interview & acceptance) to hire you for $500 (which would be paid to you every Saturday) + tips.

Interested? Please come by the sim : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Hellas/114/189/50

Contact me here and/or IM me inworld & the IM will go to my email. 

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I think we may be able to assist you, I am the owner of Premiere DJ Academy in Second Life, We are always looking to hire on Sales Consultants, who work on a very generous commission bonus. Can definitely be the way to start out your resume.

Stop in and see us,




Best of luck on your endeavors

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