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The Arena Medieval Fantasy Spellfire

Kellie Keystrel

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The arena was constructed after the first build of the castle.  Many slaves lost their lives to surface the arena.  First built to train a new breed of warriors.  Legend has it the black army of assassins was trained by Draven himself in hopes to gain his revenge.  Draven himself trained the first elite group.  Death’s Hand Elite was born.  They posses new skills and held some old.  Much stronger than expected Draven was pleased and allowed the arena for games of war and other uses.
The arena under went many changes through hundreds of years as Draven allowed them to train more elite warriors.  Draven knew that he needed an edge and introduced a new aspect of the elite soldiers.  He began diving into he black arts and trying to gain new skills to provide them.  The passages underneath the arena lead atone time to a place of black arts.  Draven was able to use the vampire un-dead mixed with the shadow skills of his family and gave birth to a new breed of warrior.  One that could heal and use the shadows to aid them in movement and concealment.  Masters at hand to hand and now as if by magic could adapt to any weapon they come into contact with.
Draven continued this research but found after a while they became un-stable and would loose their minds.  Killing each other, drinking blood from them selves, and killing anything in their path.
So the floors and walls of the arena painted red with the blood and stench of madness.  Walls fell, and the arena was to be buried along with the mad elites.
Legend has it that one shadow mover the last of the kind was sent in to rid the land of the elites.  One last elite, no one could understand why this one stand-alone did not faultier to the madness but instead grew with it.  Given two hundred years to prepare Draven took it a pun himself to train him.  Taking pride and almost a father son bond the spent hundreds of years training.  Draven gave everything he knew along with the new skills.
Once the blood bath ended and the stand alone stood covered in the redness and torn, dripping.  Draven ordered him to be killed in fear that his powers were to great maybe even over passing his own.
The arena was banned and bordered up until recently cleared out and sounds from the arena are alive again.  Many wonder to whom and why it’s back and running again.

*Page insert from Handun’s personal journal, a servant during the time of the blood war*

Dravendore 2011


We are looking for people that want to RP and follow the story line of Dravendore.  A medieval sim with fantasy, battles, and much more.  

Warriors are welcome many spots are open for guild leaders and people who just want to RP. We use Spell fire combat system.

Feel free to contact me in world.
With Honor, Lobo Sirnah & Kellie Keystrel



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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3629 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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