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Position Openings for Hetaerae entertainers & dancers

Jeanie Feiri

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I am the High Priestess of an ancient Macedonian Greek sim & we are looking for women to RP as Hetaerae (description below):

A hetaera (singular) or hetaerae (plural) were woman in a special class in ancientGreecewho served as companions to men of the wealthy class. These women had special training and were freer than the men's wives who were carefully secluded in the homes. They were very influential and served as social arrangers, advisors, entertainers, and as courtesans.

For a hetaera life typically began as a young slave girl. Some were captured in battle and some girls were sold into slavery by impoverished parents. The slave girls that were chosen to become hetaerae were particularly beautiful and talented. Prospective hetaerae were often too expensive for one person to afford so an investment group of three or more investors would buy them. They would then be sent to a hetaerae training school where they would be trained. They would be taught to play a musical instrument, dance, and speak publicly. They would also be taught about philosophy and politics so they could converse intelligently with almost any man. Even before they were done with training they could be hired out as an entertainer.Usually an arrangement was made so that if they made a good return for the investors they would be given their freedom. It was at the point of freedom that they became hetaerae. The hetaerae were the best dressed women in the society. They wore lots of expensive jewelry and the latest fashions.

In this RP, the women would be Freed slaves & under the protection of the Temple. In return for the protection, they would be entertainers & dancers, sexually & non sexually, publicly & privately (Rape is forbidden here unless agreed upon by both party's as a RP scenario.) They are free to choose to entertain individual men in exchange for gifts or if a specific man wants to become the Hetaera's permanent protector, he would apply directly to the High Priestess at the Temple & pay a fee for the privilege. There will not be a salary for this job, Hetaerae work for tips & the gifts/money that their patrons pay them. If they are hired to entertain at private party's, they will get to keep all of the money they make. For public entertainment (a requirement of the Temple) they will only work for tips.

Blessed Be, Jeanie Feiri


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3636 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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