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Mhe Scarbridge

Understanding the Statistics Bar (a little bit better)

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Hello everybody,


at the moment, i am trying to find out, why some of our RP sims are laggy and some are not that much.

But there is some indicators, i cant explain to myself, even not with the Wiki,

What i want to know, how do i interpret the 

Script Events
Packets IN
Packets OUT

vor my sim?

Is there any key performance indicator, as "it has to be lower than XXX pps" or "it mustnt be bigger than 50% of XXX" ?

Anyone out there who can help me? 


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The stats are pertinent to the region you are in. That does not mean another region in the simulator is not way overloaded and affecting your region's performance.

Your Script Time has a couple of different blocks and I'm uncertain how they show up in stats. But... region script time should max out around 44ms, which is all that is avaiable. There is a glitch in something I didn't quite understand that limits script events to 22 per frame, which is typically a time length that is the recepical of you FPS, sim and physics. So, individual scripts my slow from too many events per frame and not from overloaded region script time.

Avatars have script blocks too. If I understand correctly they do not contribute to the region's block of time. But, they do affect region performance. I think it is shown in Agent Time, but I'm not sure.

If you have low Physics FPS with low Time Dilation and lots of free Script, Agent, Image, and other item's time then it is likely another region in the sim that is causing the problem. The common fix in that case is to ask for a region restart, which typically moves you to a free sim. That is changing somewhat in that the Lindens are trying to locate regions that are virtually adjacent into physically adjacent servers to improve crossings. They will be trying to reorganize on Tuesday and Wednesday. It did not go so well last week. (See: http://blog.nalates.net/the-stuff/sl-server-related/)

There is also an effort to break up high load regions so they do not load into the same sim. In other words they are trying to optimize regions' resource use within the sims.

And... the wiki has: Improving Region Performance

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