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I Hate This Update -_-

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Hello. My feeling is that we will have more complainments for the new UI but it happens with everything new. You can find the previous version of V3 (3.1.0) with the old UI here. Before to run it, set your preferences in your log in screen, so that your software updates "Download and install manually". You find it in the Setup tab. If you forget it, the viewer will "force" you again to download the last version.

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Before you throw out the new version, play around with the placement of the buttons and the windows they open. (Right click a button to find the edit command) You can move them around, and get pretty much the same placement as you had in the previous versions, and the windows the buttons open can be moved to the same position as the sidebar used to take. The position of the communication toasts and such you can not change, however.

- Luc -

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