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Is there a reason . . .

Cato Badger
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Cato Badger wrote:

. . . to start a Vampire Forum when there is a sparsely populated Role Playing subforum already in existence?


Or do LL know something about Annie O'Toole that suggests that it isn't just a fantasy?

I think it has less to do with a fear of the Tool sucking their blood and more to do with her eager facility utilizing the official LL knee pads.

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It is a little odd that one group has been singled out to get extra attention.  Everyone else had to find the forums, find the role-play section and post themselves if they wanted people to join their roleplay.  Does anyone know if this is just a temporary sub-forum?  Maybe next month they will focus on a different sub-culture within SL?  Temporarily drumming up a little support could be a good idea as long as it is done fairly and not just to advertise certain merchants or products.  It was created to increase roleplay interest, right?




and now Cato is permabanned too? 


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