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Lightesword Xue

XStreetSL -vs- Secondlife Marketplace

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So need some answers, I keep trying to find this in the forums, so I didn't end up making a duplicate of something that is already answered.. however,.. no luck. So here's my problem and, apologies because I have a bit of a rant.


Okay so first the issue at hand, the old marketplace you could search for an item you sold, how many you sold of that item, and the names of the people you sold those items to.... oh no can't do that anymore from what I can tell.

No, now you have tranaction numbers and crap.. and it doesn't even have the name beside that number, it's all numbers! Here's what I mean:


Transaction History only brings up this: November 04, 2011    1283665546    Delivered    John Doe    L$150   View order 

Top Selling only brings up this: =API~ Unisex Portal Armor [Classic]     437    2934 

Reports -> Orders only shows this: 

November 04, 2011 01:33 pm PDT 1283665546
=API~ Unisex Portal Armor [Classic] B
Order Item ID: 43347740
SKU: John Joe/
Jane Doe 250 Delivered 13 0 237 Redeliver item 
View order summary


I just want to be able to see somewhere on this thing where I can click the item, see how many were sold and a list of names that bought this particular product... out of all the features that were put into the "new" marketplace this was the one thing that they just had to neglect or forget.. I've looked and looked all over for answers.. and can not find any.


Warning rant..... 

I tried to go to the old marketplace.. no it just spams me with a stupid pop-up every time I click another link, saying, "Go here!" Well dang it, if I wanted to go there, don't you think I would have gone the first time you asked me? No, I need to be reminded fifty million times that I should "try the new marketplace" well duh.. LL... I've already moved AT the new marketplace and have been there since you all threatened to close the old one down.. so I don't need to see that notice about the old marketplace on every link click telling me to go to the new one.

I went to the old one to find the old feature... but when you click it to find the old feature it just kicks you in the groin and redirects and shoves you back to the  new marketplace anyway.. omg.. just take the old site down ,  stop throwing feces at each other, and put this feature into the new marketplace.. 

Anyone in LL even know the old saying: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" ?

Apparently they know: "If it ain't broke, try to @#$% it." 



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I sort of feel your pain on that one - the reports can get rather long and "I just want to organize it differently!" goes through my brain a lot.. or.. I just want to see.. blah blah.. I getcha.

My work around for this sadly, is to download the CSV and then format whatever the way I'd like. that includes sorting by person and/or product. 

To get there, I go to "Reports>Orders" and the CSV linky thingy is on the right. 

Again, I understand the rant, and I just hope this helps while LL is "tweaking" their new rip off.. uh.. I mean.. the Marketplace. :D

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I know, but currently its better than the NOTHING alternative that LL would like to provide.. where does their meeellions of dollars go?? Not on a dynamic report specialist.. that's for sure... 

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