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Next Zindra Expo Group Meeting SAT NOV 5 at 1PM: Adult Estates Welcome!

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As luck would have it, I had extreme technical difficulties this weekend so could not attend and facilitate the SAT meeting. When I am back 'on the grid' I will bring some updates with me. I hope no one was terribly inconvenienced and for those who did attend, please hold on to your notes! - Gina

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No plan/proposal was ever made public. All backdoor deals. Just a little mention at the ACUG. Not exactly transparency. Not to mention the following:

1. these new regions are called Zindra this-and-that are not even ON the mainland. This is a marketing messup and undermines the actual mainland residents' own individual marketing. This is an outrage but not unexpected considering the current 'leadership' in LL. If Freedom Continent wants to make an adult hub, fabulous, but calling it Zindra-whatever is misrepresentational for a start. Name is a big problem here.

2. These new regions are geographically connected to a private organisation. More misleading. Someone follows links about Zindra (adult mainland) and ends up on Freedom Continent, basically. Very simple to see how one could mistake that for the actual mainland. It's another example of what is known as 'public confusion'.

3. Trying to 'divide' SL sex world into categories is a losing game. Invariably, you'll end up promoting one lifestyle or sensibility over another. Any divisions would be arbitrary. LL should not be in the business of promoting specific lifestyles, companies, religion or politics.Want to do that on yor own privately made infohub? Fabulous. But don't call it 'Zindra'. that name is already being used (and marketed) by many who may not agree with your bias (whatever it may be)

(this really is moving off-topic so I will likely transfer it to a separate thread)

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Where's the lack of transparency, Ginette?  LL asked for proposals for a self-financing Adult Content Welcome Centre  some time ago, a move that was discussed at not inconsiderable length at ACUG meetings at the time, some of which I think you attended, and they've now chosen one.   

If you're complaining people weren't consulted about which proposal LL should chose, then fair enough.  But Viale and Slaton never said they intended to put out the proposals for public consultation and I, for one, would have thought they'd gone insane if they had.     

We've spent two years (and it feels like much longer) at ACUG meetings consulting endlessly what should be done with the sim formerly known as Zindra and the expo areas and never seem to got very far.  

I thought it particularly telling that the first time I visited the sim formerly known as Zindra was way back when Zindra the continent first opened, and I complained to Blondin at the time that I fell straight through the floor on tp-ing there.   The next time I visited was when, about two years later, I tested the new verification process a few months ago, with an alt, and tp-d her to Zindra from the map.   She fell through the floor, too, a fact about I was rather snarky over at SLU.   And Viale, to his credit, got it fixed immediately.

But what struck me then was that we've spent all this time at meetings going on about how to promote Zindra and suchlike and encouraging new residents to verify and then visit Zindra but no one -- including me -- seems to have bothered to visit the place all these people were coming to after looking for "Zindra" on the map and noticed that their first experience of the Adult Continent was that they fell into the river.  

I've never pretended to be an expert in marketing but I'd have thought someone would have agitated about that if anyone were seriously interested in marketing Zindra as a destination, as opposed to particular business or attractions that happen to be somewhere on the landmass of Zindra.

Now, at least, we have an Adult Content welcome and arrivals centre, open to everyone -- estates and mainland alike -- and  at which, I might add, Zindra businesses are already establishing a presence.    

If it works, which I think it will do, then great.  If not, then we're no worse off than we were before.  

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it IS lack of transparency because the proposals were not published aforehand, which IS a standard process when you are doing things that will affect the public. This has all been down in the dark. Yes, they asked for proposals. That's not transparency. Add to this the entire scam that this 'process' was supposed to be about the sale of ZEXPO Island. Notice that island has not been sold. There could have been continuing events there all along but many weeks have been wasted due to non-communication;. That's NOT transparency. Let's not even get to the fact that viale has removed the agenda process from ACUG meetinsg and gone ;all-email'. If you can't see hwo this is NON-TRANSPARENCY, then I'm not sure what else to tell you.

Two years discussing what to do w/ Expo areas and Zindra sim?  Not true. ZEXPO  Island's procedure was decided a long time ago and was implemented. Zindra sim? Also decided, though a few with revisionist history goggles refuse to see it.

The reason Zindra sim developed so slowly is simple. One 'side's' vision was to create a neutral, fair and inclusive civic space that worked to attract and retain residents to Adult SL (and rename the region to be intelligently searchable)....the other 'side's' vision was to turn Zindra Sim into an adfarm and keep the forever misleading 'Zindra' region name. Ultimately, LL decided the first 'side' was right. But we'll never know now, will we?

Once again, anyone who wants to create an 'adult hub' should be applauded. But naming those regions 'Zindra Whatever' is unethical and a betrayal of residents due to its misleading naming. It clearly redirects residents away from actual mainland to a mini-mainland that is equivalent to public confusion. It's just wrong. Unless that issue is resolved, we ARE off worse than before. This causes real marketing implications that are damaging.

Finally, this thread is being misdirected too much. Let's take the convo to a new thread, shall we?



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