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Mary Teodosio

How can I find missing intan lost in sim restart?


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It's possible that whoever owns the Intan could find it in inventory by clearing cache first. Sometimes, especially if servers have been acting up or you have left SL unexpectedly, your local cached copy of inventory can get out of sync with LL's servers.  I'd recommend doing a manual clear cache to see if that helps.

1. Open Preferences → Network & Cache
2. Go to the first path “Cache Location” and click the “Open” button behind the path. This will open a file explorer window displaying your current cache location.
3. Logout (close the viewer) and then delete everything inside the cache folder displayed in your file explorer.

Now continue as follows:

1.Log back into SL, to a quiet region (try Smith or Pooley). On your inventory window, click “Recent Items”.
2.Wait for your inventory to repopulate fully. The process may be sped up, if necessary, by typing random letters into the search bar.
3.While inventory repopulates, do not teleport anywhere, and do not attempt to access anything in your inventory. Talk to people or surf the web, or just go out for coffee
4.Watch as it repopulates. As long as you can see (Fetched…) at the top of the inventory window, it is still loading.
5.Once inventory has repopulated, log out of SL once more, then log back in.

If that doesn't help, your best best is to use Live Chat and ask for LL's technical team to help, because it's a problem on their end.

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