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is this the new banned?

GenysisGwynn Nicoletti
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LOL..... I've had that same message occcasionally for over four years.  It comes and goes. No, that message simply means that SL's servers are having a hard time finding the parcel that you want to visit. The parcel owner or sim owner may have altered the parcel by adding or removing area, for example, or the server itself could be having trouble. It could be that the server for the sim where you are standing is having a hard time talking with the server at your destination.  For the past month, LL has been doing an unusual number of upgrades to server software, trying to cure some longstanding bugs.  In the process, some of the fixes have caused other temporary problems.  We have had many questions here about odd server behavior.  As they say in the movies, "It's nothing personal; it's just business."

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Hello Genysis. Reading your post sounds and thinking that other residents are able to TP there, sounds like you got banned. If you have friends who visit this place, you can ask them to check out if you are banned from the parcel looking the last tab of "About Land" there called Access (the Banned Residents list there). If they can't find your name there is very possible for you to be banned from the Region / Estate so the only way to confirm that is to contact again the Estate Owner or Estate Manager to ask about. Occassionally you get also this message while you are NOT Banned. It is something like a glitch, something temporal, a problem between your computer and SL servers. In this case usually the problem get fixed or itself or after a region restart.

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