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Hi to all!

I found this Yumi-Pet at MP and I wonder what it is about.

I bought the small package for 370L and with much luck I solved this puzzle and got a Yumi-Pet.

But now I see there are also big packages to buy ....what can I do with these?

Does anyone have this Yumi-pets too????

Please tell me cause I don´t really know how this puzzle works...I think I had only luck last time.

This is the link to the MP page....


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Well....cause I watched the You Tube link and I think they look cute....

At the moment I have meeroos but I wanted to have some other pets too and then I found this one.

It says that it is possible to get more than 10 of these Yumis or more everytime you solve the puzzle...and I only don´t understand how this puzzle works.

That´s why I asked If someone knows this game too....:-)


And don´t worry....I have sooo many hairs and clothes...spent too much money for this all....^^

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to the op. Yes there are several thousands of Yumi pets on the grid. You can definitely find a fellowship that can help you with your puzzle solving and progress in the game :)

In general about Yumi Pets:

Yumi Pets are very curious creatures:) They reside in another parallel dimension, You can find them by opening a portal to another world by a device called "Bands of Cypher" . You may think of it as a star gate except its a pathway to another world within our own world. A pathway to the world of Yumies called the Nether.

In other words it is a puzzle:)  and your reward is a very cute and adorable creature called "Yumenexaria Icarus" (in short Yumi). It does not stop at one, you get to rescue several of these cute creatures who live in tribes of different rarities. There are over 18 Million varieties of tribes that are genetically connected to each other with traits such as  bio luminescense, skin coats, eyes, wings, horns and aura.

In other words is a discovery game and a rescue operation!

You can read more about it at www.akaesha.com/yumi

Cytherion Revnik

Technical Director, Bands of Cypher



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Thank´s a lot for your answer here...I think it is a very interesting game and I also joined the group at facebook.

But please tell me...can I visit this other world too when this gate opens or do I only get another Yumi out of it?

And what is the difference between the package for 370L and the Megapack and the Professional Edition?


And another question please.

I bought this habitat today and my Yumi says he wants to transform into a crystal.How do I do that??

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Hi Sonja,

A Habitat converts a Yumi into 1 prim Crystals. You may keep them in that for to gain nether which is used to advance further in the game or trade/sell it to another Yumi collector/enthusiast.

You don't need to feed a Yumi at all, they are self sufficient. If your land has low prims, habitat comes in extremely handy. If you wish to keep Yumi as a pet, instead, they make very cute shoulder pets and they are yours to keep forever:)

Here is a complete userguide that will answer most of your questions.




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What happens when there are no more tries left?

I made all 100 with this puzzle and got 8 Yumies.

Can I throw the puzzle away now and buy another one?

When I buy the one for 370L again...do I get the same Yumies out of it or are they all unique ???

So many questions I´m sorry but I think about buying one of  the expensive ones...but don´t know which one is better for me.

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Yes you can get another game board if you ran out of charges. The Yumies you rescued don't eat food so you if you want more Yumies or to progress in the game further you can get as many game boards as you like. 

There are over 18 million different varieties of Yumies that can come out, some are abundant, some are uncommon, some are rare, legendary, mythical and artifacted. Any kind of Yumi can come out of any portal, it doesnt matter if you have 1 portal or 10 portals. Its up to you.

If want to see a discovery chart of one of the players check this link out.

Player achievement progress

It's a discovery game so you get points every time  you discover something different. The points you earn can be redeemed for prizes as well. 

I would recommend reading about different aspects of the game such as tribe heirarchies and transcoding etc.

good luck!

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Couldn't 50% or any of these questions be directed at the creator or the product's group inworld via IMs or notecards or even going to the website link provided earlier?

Call me a cynic, but it's begining to smack of product placement.

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Oh nooo!

That is not true what you think.

I also ask my questions at fb and I posted this here at the forum cause I hope to find other people who play this game...but it seems to be very new...did not know that.

By the way my bf hates the Yumis and he would be glad If I never would have found them....loool!:-)))

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Your choice in boyfriends is better than your choice in pets.  Spend more time on him, as a man he's lot less complicated, can at times feed himself and upgrades are available if you ever feel the need.  :smileywink:

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there are a lot of people who play the game, the game is fairly new came out 2 weeks ago but its exploding. You may find a great fellowship of people to play with, just visit the main store and go through the group sign board.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2749 days.

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