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RoseyShayeDeRavyn Aeon

After a crash I can't log in to Viewer 2 anymore

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Okay, the viewer has crashed a lot lately, a few months perhaps but all I had to do was restart it. Now after the last crash, happened last evening, I can't even log in with my Rosey-account anymore. Now, this is where it starts to get weird. This is my main account but I have two other which I don't  use as frequently. So when I couldn't log onto V2, then I first tried Firestorm with the Rosey-account. It worked fine. So did Phoenix. After that it got even more weird. I tried one of teh other accounts, the Sophia-account with the V2. Suddenly I could log on normally again. My Robyn-account also works normal with V2.

So it's just the Rosey-account that doesn't work with V2 nomore. Everytime I try to log on it freezes up during the loading of the world-phase. It just freezes up. I have waited for minutes and minutes but nothing happens. I always have to close it with control-alt-delete every time. I tried uninstalling V2, reboot the computer and reinstall it but it didn't helped. I have cleaned out the cache and rebooted the computer. Didn't help either. Rosey is my main account, my subscription account, the avatar with most stuff. The other two are free accounts with much lesser stuff in the inventory. I only have the other two viewers for those accounts out of comfort. However, I'm most comfortable with V2 and it is thus I want it to go back to normal again. I have no idea what has gone so terribly wrong but I would appreciate some help, please??

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