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I need a Copy, Transferable Script that Will Link Sims Together Like a Teleport System,

Dixy Dreamscape
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Here is what I am looking to do. I have built a kind of a time travel box.. I have a board inside it, with the map script,
when touched it brings up a map.

What I want is to either give the boxes away or sell them to sim owners and I need a transferable script that will link the boxes together so you can travel to all the sims that the boxes are located. Kind of like the Cone travel in SL. But I repeat it needs to be transferable and copy it doesnt have to be modifiable but it does need to be transferable, and copiable.

If you can help Im me Dixy Dreamscape in SL

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Unless all the sims are connected, to my knowledge, the only way to teleport between regions or sims is using a map teleporter. All map teleporters just open  the map to the programed destination and the user uses the tp button  on the map to go there or put a slurl in chat to click on.

There is one multi region telporter that I've seen that will work differently IF the sims all touch each other.  It uses a N, S, E, or W path that you set up on a notecard telling it the direction to travel to the destination with final destination sim coordinates as the last entry in the path.  You sit on a scripted ball , which i imagine receives the info from the dataserver as to how to travel.  However this is not a copy/transfer commercial version tp.


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I could try doing something like this, but the sims would need to be connected, however, they will not need to be directly connected. If you can (theoretically) walk there without tp'ing, you'd be able to go there. No map prompt because you wouldn't tp, but you would still get where you need to go as long as the sims are not separated by a space with no sim. I'll send you a NC ingame.

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Thank you for the reply ,, I as of today have not found a script that would link like you all said there is not a script, the map is used and you cant control the url with the maps. You can TP to anywhere you want with the map and I wanted to be able to control the TPs ,, it would be a string of urls of sims that had the teleport system on it.................

But there seems to be a plugin from hippo that is available for SL

the only thing is, I was not planning on using this system in SL.. There is already too many traffic generators in SL...

I was going to use it at InWorldz.

It Would be a magic box kind of like a telephone booth.
everyone that got a box from me would be listed on the teleports inside the box.
Now one thing my partner and I have discussed is,,
Pre-installing the sim urls and all you do is click on them from inside the booth.
But once booths are sold or given away whichever we decide we r going to do,, there would need to be a script where we could update theurls from the main booth.

Like I said Hippo seems to have a plugin program that would work but it only works in SL.

SO I am still looking if anyone has any ideas it would be greatly appriciated.

I know there is a way to do it because of the traffic cones from Bletaverse.
The traffic cones work like this::: you touch them and it gives you a sim url inside chat, and then you click it and tp to the next sim. When you get there you touch the cone, put in the cade it asks for stay the amount of time and touch the cone again to go to the url to go to the next sim.

This is basicly the set up I am looking for ,,, not sure if it would be a script or a plugin.
But I need it to work InWorldz.

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