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Gearsawe Stonecutter

Script memory with llSetMemoryLimit on server side

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I am curious about llSetMemoryLimit now. Seeing that we can set it to any number of bytes but what I wonder is the memory on the server I would assume has certain cluster sizes it uses for its memory. Would it be best setting the memory in increments of powers of 2? Such as 8k, 16k, 32k, and 64k? Or setting it to an odd number like 23192 would only take up that? If the cluster size is 1024byes you might as well do 23*1024 = 23553 and set the memory to that number.

I just like to make the script memory efficient. I guess the more confusing part is the limit is how much it can take up. When on the client tools reports a number about an object but that is not the amount of memory that object is really using but the max the object can use. So maybe setting the limits is kind of pointless? I guess it just looks better when you can say your object take up 89K and not 256K.

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