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I'm not much of a poet but I do love poetry kinda... well the art behind it since I well suck at them .... I enjoy really funny style dorky things mostly so post what ya have :D I recently made this one for my Girl cause of a  thing I said to her like the 1st couple days we started dating.... 

Nerd Love

Nine x minus sevenI is easy to follow but add more numbers like Less than 3 we start to see that we have a equation finaly

Lets add more numbers and letters and make a mather equation of glee..

Nine x minus SevenI less than three times three more x's minus a single lonly 7u....

Here we go with the through as we need to solve for I or we're screwed...

We here by start on the side of less than 3 where we multiply in our three's by three and create a nineX to see and turn that 7 to Twenty-one U for free... 

As we continue this harder problem we must realize we have Nine X minus SevenI is less than 9x  with that negative 21U 

Oh my god we are almost done as since this is the 2nd of 4 to solve this crewd math equation....

Looking over at your neighbors test we notice he has the 3rd part quest

Breifly looking we then notice that 9x is gone so must be.

 So now we're left with a negative 7 with that lonly I  which is now less than that negative 21u

3rd step done with a little cheating all thats left is dividing.... Take that negative 7 and flip it around Now we have i less than 3 u so that really means.... 

I love you


 9x - 7i < 3 (3x -7u) = i<3u just this describes how to get there lmfao 

anyway post what you guys have im curious :D 

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I am much too dumb to write poetry by myself, so here's my (French) contribution. Does Victor Hugo count? This poem is one of my favorites.


Demain, dès l'aube...

Demain, dès l'aube, à l'heure où blanchit la campagne,
Je partirai. Vois-tu, je sais que tu m'attends.
J'irai par la forêt, j'irai par la montagne.
Je ne puis demeurer loin de toi plus longtemps.

Je marcherai les yeux fixés sur mes pensées,
Sans rien voir au dehors, sans entendre aucun bruit,
Seul, inconnu, le dos courbé, les mains croisées,
Triste, et le jour pour moi sera comme la nuit.

Je ne regarderai ni l'or du soir qui tombe,
Ni les voiles au loin descendant vers Harfleur,
Et quand j'arriverai, je mettrai sur ta tombe
Un bouquet de houx vert et de bruyère en fleur.

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I have submitted the above to Google translator. Not bad actually although I had to correct a few details. I forgot to mention Victor Hugo wrote this poem shortly after his daughter Léopoldine's tragic death. Sorry to post something so sad...

Tomorrow, at dawn, at a time when the countryside whitens,
I will leave. You see, I know that you expect me.
I will go through the forest, go through the mountains.
I can not stay away from you any longer.

I will walk with my eyes fixed on my thoughts,
Seeing nothing outside, without hearing any noise,
Alone, unknown, back bent, my hands crossed,
Sad, and for me the day will be like the night.

I will not look at the golden evening falls,
Neither at the sails off down towards Harfleur,
And when I arrive, I will put on your grave
A bouquet of green holly and heather in bloom.

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I wrote this one last Halloween. I hope you enjoy you! :matte-motes-little-laugh:

Graveyard Walk

The sullen blood-tinged moon lies low in a starless sky,
Casting grim black silhouettes with it's baleful eye.
The cold wind blows skeletal trees with uncertain gusts,
Swirling the parchment leaves upon the graveyard dust.

Marble angels with broken wings lie silent on the ground;
Weathered headstones, faded with time, mark the burial mounds.
Strange mists drifts 'tween monuments of stone,
Blanketing the crumbling coffins and their ancient bones.

A long forgotten chapel sits on a lonely churchyard;
It's windows stare with vacant eyes, it's ornate doors lay charred.
The sullen moon casts eerie shadows that makes the heart grow frail;
Will you walk this land of the dead and live to tell the tale?




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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3897 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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