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In the Land of the Lilliputians

Griffin Ceawlin
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Thats a good point you makes about why people decide to be tinys its almost as bad as people deciding to be 7 feet freakazoids AHHHH!!!., and as for people selling these tiny avatars in the first place that is so ludicrous !!... on a side note tho' i do make my rentals by selling tiny clothes and avatars and i has so much fun being tiny i wonder why i ever bothered being a 5'3" freak female human ..!! AHH that was it  ! at 5'3" human i felt like a tiny anyway as every other human was over 7feet  tall !! YIKES !! oh well back to my waffles and hugs from all the 7 feet freakazoid women with big breasts that just want to hug me all day and take me home ... life is so hard as a Tiny !!!! hehehehe


Yes people the article was an attempt at sattire and a good one lol and so is my reply, we all do what we do in sl for whatever reason i went Tiny to escape Drama Llamas and then found myself recently making a Drama Lama Avatar Tiny as in truth the Drama is everywhere. anyway Tiny, Human, Quad whatever so long as you are happy and have fun thats all that matters and this article was about fun anyway so no need for some people to be so serious its just a game :)

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Your attempt was successful. Laughed meself silly. Great way to start the day. Thanks very much.  I've been around a long time long enough to remember the superbeing sized avs (oh how i miss them) and discovering that by using something just over my rl height i was, for the first time in my life, a short girl. 

It was gawgeous...it was lovely being soooo little and cute. And now everyone is doing it. Even the men, which is the most regretable part. Everyone wants to be Normal or Nearly Normal Size. Do you know, some guys are even the same height as I am?

Very disappointing. I really liked not being the 'tall girl in the room' when I came into sl. It fulfilled a life-long dream. Ah...them were the days.

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