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Anyone's Mac crashing due to interaction between SL viewer and web reader?

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I have a long-running software corruption fault and seem to have narrowed it down to some sort of interaction between SL viewer and web readers. If you have the patience to read this, I'd greatly appreciate any comments.

A MacBook Pro running OS10.7.2 Lion; problem appeared under OS10.6 Snow Leopard and persists.


1. An irregular one. Now and again the cursor freezes; unfreezes on a mouseclick accompanied sometimes by the spinning beachball cursor; the software onscreen is unresponsive; then the screen freezes. Sometimes it then goes black although the computer is still on. Recovery is via on-of-key shutdown and reboot.

2. It seems to be associated with moments when the graphics processor switches from the slow to the fast processor, but not consistently so.

Solutions, none of which remove the intermittent fault.

1. Long hardware test off system instal discs shows no faults.

2. Some disc permissions faulty but these repaired.

3. All software caches cleared manually.

4. New logic board installed (!!! Yup- Apple policy under guarantee.)

5. Hard disc erased and restored: fresh copy of OS installed from system disc and upgraded to latest, OS10.7.2 Lion. Existing data and appplications reinstalled from backup. So the corruption isn't in the OS.


6. New User created.

a) Second Life 1.23 copied from existing user to new user apps folder and used. Noproblem.

b) Fresh copy of Google Chrome installed from Google website into new user apps folder using Safari. Noproblem.

c) Fresh copy of Hippo downloaded from website and placed in new user apps folder. Noproblem.

Note: t this point we have an uncorrupted OS, uncorrupted Hippo and a possibly corrupted copy of SL1.23. But they're running okay. No other apps or data reside in the new user folder.

Opened new, uncorrupted Google Chrome for the first time, after running Second Life viewer then Hippo viewer. Freeze, as at 1. above, in new user. So, it's something to do with SL1.23 viewer and Google Chrome?

Restart into old user using on-off switch. Google Chrome (the old one not the new one! unresponsive, spinning beachball cursor; ditto Firefox, Safari. Force-quit and restart. Won't restart off apple menu, have to use on-off-switch.

So the problem does seem to be that web reader activities are compromised by SL1.23 which then crashes the machine. I can't think it through any more clearly than that. Would appreciate comments!

Christi Maeterlinck


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Christi, I'm surprised that you can get SL v1.23 viewer to run under Lion. I'm assuming you have the Intel version of that viewer and not the PowerPC version? With the release of Lion, Apple killed off the ability to run PowerPC applications, so the fact that you are able to start SL v1.23 indicates that you may have found an Intel version.

Personally, I would forget about using SL v1.23 ever again. It's old and the road ahead for it is filled with potholes. Linden Labs are updating and upgrading their servers with new SL server software that contains features the old SL v1.23 viewer won't know how to deal with, which in itself would cause some instability.

So... between SL v1.23 being unstable by itself on Lion and SL v1.23 being slowly obsoleted by LL with each new server upgrade, I think it's time you tried a new viewer.

I suggest you try SL v3.1, Firestorm Mesh beta (http://www.phoenixviewer.com/), or Dolphin 3 (http://dolphinviewer.eregion.de/). I use them on my Mac and haven't had too many issues with them. You didn't state your MBP's specs so I don't know if these modern viewers would tax your machine but, this is the direction that Linden Labs is taking Second Life.

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Christi, try creating a new user account on your machine and see if the problem persists there. I've had problems caused by migrating to new machines, where some "lint" in the user account (perhaps a preferences file) gets moved across too, bringing the erratic behaviour with it. If you create a new user (which you can remove later) you avoid this and get clean user preferences for any application you launch.

Good luck!

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Thanks Madeleine: I did just what you suggested, and that's how I identified the problem as being something to do with V1.23.

Sappa, when it comes to old viewers, you know I'm running V1.19 on an old iMac under OS10.3 LOL? It works, tho' movements are slooow.

Back on the MacBook Pro (which is 2.66 GHz, memory maxed at 4GB....  I hate the look of the official V2 and V3, and have been using Firestorm Beta Mesh for a while now: you can customise it nicely, to look and feel a bit like V1.23, by following the suggestions in:



So, yes, at the moment it looks like goodbye to V1.23. What a shame. For the moment I'm using Imprudence when I can't find commands cos theyre in 'the wrong place' in Firestorm!



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