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Verena Vuckovic

Land Of The Giants

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leliel Mirihi wrote:

.... Have you ever tried mixing furniture from different stores? You'll be too big for some and too small for others. That's because apparently most creators in sl have no idea what the word scale means, they probably think it's just an alternate spelling of size.

Most creators do know what a scale is (if not then that one does not deserve the title "designer"). Some designers make things one to one scale. Some make things 1.25 times larger. Some make things even 1.5 times larger. Why is that? It's due to the crazy range of avatar sizes in SL. If creators make things one to one scale, the giants will not buy the things. If they make them 1.5 times larger then the small normal sized ones will not buy them. Some make the compromize, "I'll make my things 1.25 larger, maybe then everybody will buy them".

If creators came to their sences they all would make things only one to one scale. Gradually the avatar sizes would come down also, to be compatible with the builds. It does not mean that we all would have to be exactly the same size. There is variation even in RL as we all know. However the present human avatar size variation in SL is totally crazy and alien. More respect to proper scale, even in virtual world,  would beautify things a lot. Just my thoughts... :smileyhappy:

(... one meter is one meter everywhere, on earth, on moon, on planets, in outer space, in 3D design program... and even in SL, it is everywhere exactly the same meter...  <-- this reminder is for those claiming something else...) :smileytongue:

Oh, one thing what I don't get: Region is exactly 256 meters x 256 meters. Why to fill that rather limited space with extra large houses, extra large furniture and extra large avatars, leaving less free space to use for landscape? :matte-motes-agape:

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