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SnakeDance Moonwing

I need a Scrolling Marquee script

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Yes there is such a thing, you should be able to find it in your Inventory > Library > Scripts > amin SMOOTH

But if for some reason it is not there here you go...

// anim SMOOTH Script
// By Doug Linden (I think)

// If you are interested in scripting, check out
// the Script Help under the help menu.

// The double slash means these lines are comments
// and ignored by the computer.

// All scripts have a default state, this will be
// the first code executed.
    // state_entry() is an event handler, it executes
    // whenever a state is entered.
        // llSetTextureAnim() is a function that animates a texture on a face.
        llSetTextureAnim(ANIM_ON | SMOOTH | LOOP, ALL_SIDES,1,1,1.0, 1,0.25);
                            // animate the script to scroll across all the faces.

The image has to be made a certain way depending on how you want it to scroll so test it with any texture or photo on a prim first so you can see how it works. Also to change the direction just use the image rotation in the texture tab of the editor :D

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