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Tonimonastroniboni Oh

Halloween Radio Streams for your Second Life land!

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Hi Everyone, after searching high and dry for Halloween streams for my land I searched the internet numerous times and finally since I have a MAC found a great site that told me how to get the actual URL needed from a radio stream on the internet for my About Land-Audio tab. You can't just copy a radio stream URL from the internet to use since that won't work. Here are some I converted already from a Halloween site if you'd like to use them. I saw several posts here and no one really gave actually streams that can be used. Here are several you can use:

Just copy them, go to World, About Land, Audio, close the window with the "x" and click your play button should ask you to play the stream and all should be good to go! Happy Halloween and I know this will make a lot of land owners happy if you're decorating or don't want to run your own music stream. YW Tonimonastroniboni Oh

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