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looking for 2048m 468 prim 3000-4000L$ no laws

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3 day looking to rents lands,so much law,i am lost of what i can do.


i want shop and my home,can make renche or club anything i will be up to.

i dont care if ppl can come they will have something to see.

i like making stuf so one day my house is dragon montain and nextday a spacestation.

after all looking for freedom no restriction

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Become a premium member and you can get 2560 sqm of mainland for $15,- tier a month (±3700 L$). This is unless you´re from Europe and have to pay VAT.
If you create a group, donate your tier to that group and buy the land for the group you can get 2816 sqm.
This should give you about 640 prims to play with.

And anything, apart from sexual or extreme violent content, goes on mainland .

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Ron, could you tell us in detail how to do that? I am a premium account with nearly 3 months left. I hate the house Linden provided me, wish I could nuke it, claim the prims and build my own on the spot.

Would definitely pay $15 a month in addition to get the land & prims you mention.


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Every premium member gets a tier free landallowance of 512 sqm. which they can use to get a linden home or to buy a piece of mainland. If you buy a 512 sqm piece of mainland you get to play with 117 prims and you don´t have to pay tier. You do have to pay a price to buy the land from another resident but land prices are very low at the moment.  

If you want to get more than 512 sqm you´re gonna have to pay tier to linden lab, See: tier fees.
For $15,- a month you can get 2048 sqm. Together with the 512 sqm tier free that makes 2560 sqm.

Now for the good part: groups get a 10% extra land allowance. A group can own 10% more land for the same tier which makes it a total of 2816 sqm.

Read this: landowner FAQ

So the steps to take could be:

  1. Find a nice piece of mainland that´s for sale and not to expensive. You can use the map for this, or google something like "second life" mainland "for sale".

  2. Abandon your linden home. You need the 512 sqm tier to own mainland.
  3. Create a group. Costs you L$200. Also create a new free account, a.k.a. an alt, and make that one a groupmember. Groups need to have more than 1 member to not get deleted.
  4. Buy the land for the group. The land buying dialog will tell you howmuch tier you need to donate to the group and what that will cost you.

Word of caution:

Do not rush into this. Read all the info about landowning and tier you can find.
Find someone with time and patience to help you if need be.

Or do it like I and maybe most of us did:
Start of with 512 sqm for no tier. Than as the need arises for more prims you can sell the 512, buy a bigger parcel and start paying tier for it.  

I do hope this all makes sense.

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