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I will give you credit that when I rezzed and started using your product and got script errors you came immediately to see what was going on when I messaged you.  Now that is what I call service!  You even called in a friend to look and got the script problem fixed on the spot.  My highest compliments to you for this.

But when I started riding your motorcycle around the  track everyone was passing me like I was standing still.  Maybe most of your customers are familiar with riding motorcycles but I was stuck in first gear and didn't know how to make it go faster.  I didn't succeed  in making it go faster but I did learn how to pop a wheelie by accident.  So now I feel like a real motorcycle mama.

But to get to my rant, this is not the first time I had to message a merchant for instructions.  If your product needs instructions on how to use, please include them!   If it has special keyboard commands, don't leave me to guess that they are on chanel 4.  Pretty Please. Thank you. With chocolate fudge sauce on top.  And an Oreo cookie too.

You lost a second sale ( I was going to give one to my girl friend ) because I couldn't get it out of first gear.




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For pretty much anything that could confuse someone I include simple instructions written as if someone was a first day resident. 

Things like hats, I leave up to the wearer to figure out though :P

That said, even with step by step instructions or disclaimers for scripted products I still get questions.

In the past I actually spent half an hour personally walking someone through setting up a dj booth/radio that I sold for like 25L that included simple and precise instructions that covered pretty much all possible scenarios, owned land, rented land, deeded, shared, etc.  If I have the time, I generally don't mind though.

The way I see it, service is part of the sale.

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Ya I would agree, for any kind of vehicle written instructions should be included. Although I don't know why we bother, most don't read the darn things anyway lol. I even have videos that show how the products work and advanced features. I can't tell you the number of times I have given tech support and asked if they read the instructions and the answer was no. I don't even bother asking anymore lol.

Most vehicles for basic use its pretty simple, arrow keys move you, page up and down shift gears. If it goes beyond this to simply drive a vehicle you most certainly should have well written instructions with the product. In multiple languages if possible.

Heck I have a car that even with the instructions it was hard to figure out. And I make cars in sl! Why someone would make a vehicle so complicated is beyond me.

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ya i know it';s a lot but they  are cool huds..one is a radar for like a few sims i believe..it has huge range..i think it's for seeing positions on tracks that are bigger than one sim

one is for rezzing and derezzing the bike ..lights and also changing the colors..

let see ..there is NOSand.....i'm just gonna post up the note card for it..it's really cool..


oh and i guess it was just 5 huds LOL not sure why i thought 7..that must have been dancing i was thinking about  hehehe

anyways here is the note card for it.. i'll put the pic back in so maybe you can see the huds they are talking about hehehe..

black beauty.png

1. Turn Speed Nos Hud

2. Cam Hud

3. Colour Hud

4.        Radar Hud and ofcourse the Note Button that sits next to the Radar Hud as dosplayed on pic Diagram.

5.        Main Control Station Hud

1.         Turn  Speed Nos This Hud is made so you can resize if you wish but most importantly for you to change all setting
to suit your ride abilities. all instructions how too is on the Yellow help Button on that Hud.

2.         The Cam , my fav .....((It has a chopper that follows you with chopper sounds and looks down at the track..it's reallt cool hehehe))..... This baby has a blue button hit that to engage the cam system and play around with the settings
Im sure you will find it as much fun as I did dont forget while you ride to hit lag + and turn this will give you an idea of its
controls and ofcourse hit Cam reset if you wish to return to default settings.

3.         Colour Setting well this one needs no real instructions  I mean hit the colour you like and away you go .

4.          Radar Hud oh yeah the first bike with the ability to tell you whos in range from you a great adition to racing
Most of the hud it self has text next to them to tell you what is what so lets go through the system, When Radar is
on you will see the green side with names of the avs within a 96 metter range simply click on the  green square
and their names will go to the red side the red side is simply if you want to keep your freinds in check or your
enemies closer. If you hit the CLEAR LIST green button on the Radar Hud it will erase All the red list  BUT if you take
a look at the BIG ORANGE button that reads HARDCOPY LIST this section can be accessed by going into EDIT MODE
then Content to accsess the _people_ list Simply enter the names you want the radar to remember all the time.
RADAR SND is Radar sound on and off this pulsing sound is a great feature letting you know by sound if there is
someone in the area but be warned as SL is expeirencing stomac cramps you will find at time the Scanner tracks
AVs about 700 metters away. The Blue Radar Button is turn ON and OFF Radar and On the MAIN CONTROL HUD
you have RIDER RADAR that makes it disapear totally BUT if you do so and still hear the sound from the Radar
dont forget to turn on the sound on the radar before you turn it OFF 

5. With the MAIN CONTROL HUD all the text is self explained all but the PASSENGER SEAT which you have to follow
by step.    

                    1. once you are sitting on the bike click the PASSENGER ASSIST BUTTON you will see a little sphere on
                         the back of the seat
                    2.  instruct your passenger to select it and sit down and you are good to go if the passenger
                         isnt who it is suppose to be simply eject the passsenger you will also note their name appear  on the
                         main Hud above eject passenger.
                    3. NOW THIS IS IMPORTANT once the passenger has jumped off the bike
                         TURN OFF THE LITTLE SPHERE you rezzed to help your friend sit on the bike
                          or THE BIKE WILL NOT REZ  once you hop off the bike.
                          Also the bike is rezzed in default red this can not be changed.
                          SOMETIMES LAG CAN OFFSET THE SEATING.
                          OK TIME TO HAVE SOME FUN.


This one here doesn't have any huds with it..it's pretty fun to but not as fun as mah ninja lol

PINK bike.png

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the pink one is a T&S bike, I used to work for them. That one is the drag bike, I also have the mirage racing bike. The mirage is a lot more fun to drive. The drag bike was pretty much just made for drag racing. If I get time later I will post up what mine looks like. I like to get the moddable ones so I can paint them myself.

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Heartbreaker -01.jpg


Heartbreaker -02.jpg


Well, I wound up getting a different bike from Pure Rage Industries, https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/PURE-RAGE-CUSTOM-CHOPPERS-Heartbreaker/1464810, The Heart Breaker.

Came with complete instructions.  I did have to ask the merchant one question and she answered very fast.

I am totally loving my new bike though I think I should get a helmet cause I've crashed a lot while learning how to ride.

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Aylin Moonshadow wrote:

If your product needs instructions on how to use, please include them!


Yes it's frustrating.  The odd thing is just how many people don't read them when they are provided.  Why is that?

I provide instructions in notecards, video tutorials and provide shop staff and group support because of this.

My favourite is one product where it says when the box is rezzed "read the instructions, do NOT just open and copy to inventory and wear".  Still some do.  It's a hard lesson though as it's an RLV product and they end up blindfold with the viewer blurred, unable to tp, bound with tapes and gagged unable to IM someone for help.  Finally they also end up wearing a prim that's on their hud centre which basically says "You didn't want to do that, now here's what you have to do..."

You can lead a horse to water etc.

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