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Sound of Colors - Metabody experience

spyVspy Aeon
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Best View in 1080p - Everyone has a body, the physical medium through which we experience space, time and life. Our brain anchors our consciousness, remembers those experiences and simulate the future. But you are not just the brain remembers and that thinks that and the body feels - you're not just a biological machine. The less-physical Aspects of our lives are our metabody, and Its role in our health and happiness is profound. In addition to the memory of the brain, we have body memory - Our Life Experiences, good and bad, are stored throughout our physical body. Also we have an energy field, produced by our electrochemically-based nervous system and other biological processes, Commonly called the aura. The physical and the energetic combine and commingle to create physical health and well-being, mental influence and are influenced and emotional vitality, and all support and are supported by the spiritual Influences in Our Lives.



Meta is from the Greek and means "beyond" or "in addition to." Building on this experience from my body in half, by the sound and image, an experience beyond the physical body where the sound is materialized color amidst unimaginable landscapes (lie, imagined by Meilo Minotaur and CapCat Ragu, built in the SIM Delicatessen and with the avatars characterizations made by them).

With the maximum share of Coleridge, I invite you to a deeper reflection on how we view the world around us and how that world interacts with our physical memory or as explained in Meta_body experience. In this work I just want to let the viewer let be guided by the sound of Colors :) Just feel it!! Literaly.

"What if you slept? And what if, in your sleep, you dreamed? And what if in your dream, You Went to heaven and there plucked a strange and beautiful flower? And what if, When You Awoke, You Had the flower in your hand Ah, what then? " - Coleridge, philosopher

More info about Samuel Taylor Coleridge -

A big thank you to Meilo and CapCat, for providing the material and leave free compositions based on their project.

Can you hear? The sound of colors .... whisper sounds of comfort and tranquility.
Ps: The background sound it's a mix of many sounds available at Freesounds by users corsica_s, yewbic and digifishmusic

The original project is a part of the "All My Independent Women" http://allmyindependentwomen.blogspot.com/​ to be presented in 2011: AMIW@VBKÖ Vienna more info about the artists here - http://amiw-vbkoe.blogspot.com/

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You are out there...

...way out there.

I wish I was too.

This impacted me as much as Bingo the Clowno - (search youtube folks), when I first saw it. In a different way, but a similar level of impact. Sure it was full blown 3d but you know what I am sayiing metinx.

The way the audio compliments the vision is outrageous.


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Thank you so much, Meta from the Greek, means "beyond" or "in addition to.". My starting point was the phrase from Samuel Taylor Coleridge, with meta_body project at Delicatessen SIM. Built from this concept, an experience out from the physical body, perhaps the metaforms, by the sound and image, an experience beyond the physical body where the sound is materialized in color amidst by unimaginable landscapes my goal was certainly achieve the senses of the viewer, and it's extraordinary when I feel that on comments , when it would pass by the unchanging sense of well being even with tantric visions. 

Not refering to the original project that explores the Meta_body through the Gender like they explained (meilo Minotaur and Capcat Ragu) in their project

"The virtual experience of the body is not exactly an experience of the flesh. These sensations, albeit having a physical sensorial aspect, continue to be experienced in our bodies behind the screen, not in our avatar body. The virtual body is a metaphorical body, all language, therefore open to experimentation and possibility."


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