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Trying to find something original

Pieta Nowles

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After roleplaying here for over a year, my group of friends and I have been trying to find a new roleplay home in Second Life. But we've become reclusive due to this:

The same three roleplay themes :

- Medieval Fantasy

- Supernatural Dark Urban

- Dark Urban

It's nearly immopossible to find something that is atleast a sherd different from these three.

We just want to find a sim where your CHARACTER rather than YOUR POWERS is important. LOGIC rather than a magical wand that magical makes everything alright. Freeform rather than meter, or at least dice. Where your badassness does not matter, and OOC is seperated from IC.

A mainly human roleplay without all the same fae/elves/werewolf/etc. Or at least something different, sci-fi/historical/steampunk/cyberpunk is welcome. If anyone has suggestions, please give them. I swear we don't bite. XD

Also welcomes multi-line/paragraph roleplayers is a must. We don't care if you post short as long as you don't mind waiting a few moments. :D

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*Offers a hug*

Finding a good RP spot is very difficult since some time. There are places for sure but mostly really only in the the three themes already mentioned. And I have long ago given up askign myself why does it always just has to be the same old urban theme all over again.

Cyberpunk and Sci-Fi are more or less non existant and never had much of a presence in SL since the day I joined. And I would like that best. At least there are some Game of Thrones sims showing up and there (enforced by the setting) the medieval fantasy is much more medieval then fantasy.


But in general ... the RP possibilities seem rather limited lately. And while it is lots of fun to jsut build a little place and RP with your freinds a sim offers the possibility to meet new people and have their stories influence your own. So if anyone knew good places, there are lots of people around looking for them.

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I know this is not very modest but I'd like to suggest my own sim, The 1920s Berlin sim.

We try to recreate daily life in a big city around 1929.

No fantasy stuff, urban but not just dark, community, character building, no fantasy, no special powers, no unrealistic avatars, no huds, no meters, just roleplay people.

Berlin ID pic3.jpg

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Deadwood is a good looking sim, they also go for authenticity.
Western isn't a theme for me so I don't go there often but had a walk around some time ago and was impressed.

Seems to be a bit quiet lately, but maybe thats because I'm on a different clock.

Same goes for non-Europeans visiting Berlin of course.

For much of the day Berlin isn't very busy, but come around after say 1pm slt when it is evening in Europe and afternoon in the US and things get going :)

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Historical themes are not really my thing I msut admit so I don't know much about those sims. When it comes to Doomed Ship however then, while it is msot likely one of the most outstanding builds in the entire SL and has always been one of the best from the first days of it's existence until now, it is something that might better be called 'RP sandbox' then a 'RP sim' as everyone there is doing what they want and the best I got out of this is a few single scenes but never longer lasting RPs.


However while it might not be a RP home, it is for sure one of the top ten sims to visit to enjoy the build and feel created by it.

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Legacies 1891 might be a good fit for you.  It's dark RP and they do have mythical characters, but it is para-RP with a meter designed specifically for RP and not combat, and they use dice rolls.  The setting is late-1800's Victorian London during the times of Jack the Ripper.  It is spread out over 4 sims and is almost always busy, but not crowded and laggy.  The build is exceptional, too.


Good luck!

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Now that sounds like something I would be interested in. I am tired of the same old dark urban RP areas where everyone is something very dark and disturbing like demons and vampires and witches. Most of these areas I find are also very clique oriented. I mean its like being in highschool all over again. If you don't have any friends in the sim then it is very difficult in some areas to be accepted. There are many helpful people out there but there are more who will not tolerate you if you have very little or no RP experience. Its like finding your first job. How am I supposed to get experience if noone will hire me? Everybody has to start somewhere. I mean I also realize that there are many gifted people out there and RPing just comes very natural to you but some of us need practise. This is turning me right off of RPing actually. I am so tired of all of the highschool cliques who only want to RP with each other and won't allow in any newcomers.

My husband, who also RP's in SL told me about the Berlin sim and said that he thinks I should check it out. I think I will but first I will have to do some research on 1920's Berlin. Thats ok though because I love to study history. I think the more knowledge I obtain about this place and era, the more character ideas I will be able to come up with.

I love time travel. Definitely have to check out this sim. Hope it is friendly to new RPer's and newcomers in general. 





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Berlin is like a real city, a real community.

So the charming young lady in a local shop is probably friendlier then some opium smoking absinth drinking drunk from the gutter ;)

But in general Berliners are very friendly and willing to help.

We have a great tour guide who is always willing (if she is available) to show people around, give tips, etc.

Her name is Fraulein Rosemary Thyme (msrosemarythyme resident), feel free to contact her some time.

You don't need to learn a lot about the theme, you can always pretend to be a foreign tourist who has just arrived or pretend to be shy at first :)

The best thing to do is visit a daily happy hour at 2 pm when usually many people gather at the bar, nice way to meet the locals and quietly listen in to their chat ;)

Also tomorrow, saturday at 3 pm pdt, we have a show on stage at the Eldorado, a rather infamous gay/tranvestite bar (yes authentic!) where everyone is welcome and it is usually rather busy.

Keep an eye on our website calendar and just check out a few events.

Walking around and meeting people is the best way to feel at home soon :)

You may also come early to sign into the Real Estate group, all apartments are permanently rented so if you want to live in Berlin at a later date, you may have to wait a bit till something becomes available or move into a hotel.

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I am the High Priestess of an ancient Macedonian Greek sim & I am looking for an event planner/wedding coordinator. Monthly salary is negotiable.  

Also, we are looking for women to RP as Hetaerae (description below):

A hetaera (singular) or hetaerae (plural) were woman in a special class in ancientGreecewho served as companions to men of the wealthy class. These women had special training and were freer than the men's wives who were carefully secluded in the homes. They were very influential and served as social arrangers, advisors, entertainers, and as courtesans.

For a hetaera life typically began as a young slave girl. Some were captured in battle and some girls were sold into slavery by impoverished parents. The slave girls that were chosen to become hetaerae were particularly beautiful and talented. Prospective hetaerae were often too expensive for one person to afford so an investment group of three or more investors would buy them. They would then be sent to a hetaerae training school where they would be trained. They would be taught to play a musical instrument, dance, and speak publicly. They would also be taught about philosophy and politics so they could converse intelligently with almost any man. Even before they were done with training they could be hired out as an entertainer.Usually an arrangement was made so that if they made a good return for the investors they would be given their freedom. It was at the point of freedom that they became hetaerae. The hetaerae were the best dressed women in the society. They wore lots of expensive jewelry and the latest fashions.

In this RP, the women would be Freed slaves & under the protection of the Temple. In return for the protection, they would be entertainers, sexually & non sexually, publicly & privately (Rape is forbidden here unless agreed upon by both party's as a RP scenario.) They are free to choose to entertain individual men in exchange for gifts or if a specific man wants to become the Hetaera's permanent protector, he would apply directly to the High Priestess at the Temple & pay a fee for the privilege. There will not be a salary for this job, Hetaerae work for the gifts & money that their patrons pay them. If they are hired to entertain at private party's, they will get to keep all of the money they make. For public entertainment (a requirement of the Temple) they will only work for tips.

Blessed Be, Jeanie Feiri


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