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Sommerland Starostin

How do I leave my Linden home, therefore getting my 512 back?

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When you become a Premium member, you recieve 512 square meters of land free. You can choose to get a "Linden Home," thus using up your 512 square meters of land; or you can choose not to have a Linden home, and have instead a 512 square meter empty plot with 117 prims to do with as you choose. You don't have to pay any extra tier on this 512 square meters, just keep up your normal Premium account payments. You cannot, however, own both a Linden home AND a 512 sqaure meter plot of land without paying the extra $5 USD or so for the land. It's one or the other, if you want it for free.

ETA: As I don't have a Premium account myself, I'm still not clear on whether or not you actually get the plot of land, or the ability to buy the plot of land. Someone else, please feel free to clarify ^_^

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