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MaxTux Wonder

bug - mesh pending on rigged meshes - please vote on jira

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The mesh download streaming stuck on a weared rigged mesh, if the poly count is big.

Must to relog several times to finish the mesh download.

But WORKS FINE if rezzed inworld.

To work around this problem i tried to unjoin rigged mesh object, and make smaller groups, works better, but the issue stay.

check the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5sUY66gw0uA

This is the correct appearence after severals logs:


This is a big problem, i can't sell something to a customer that doesn't rezz!

I can't ask to a customer to relog several times, and he must to ask to anyone in his room to relog to see him correctly!

Just a little tip, i tried to unwear all i had on me, than wear a piece of the armor, wait for the rezzing, then wear another piece... and so on

and this works

but when i'm full rezzed (for myself) and i go in a place full of people (with all armor pieces on me) of course other people viewers stucks (becouse they rez me all at once)

another big problem there is no way to know, what is the limit of faces and vertices to make this bug pop up!

Please vote on jira:


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The pic shows the armor in solid color - without texture. Have you considered to use baked textures and transparency for all the small details ? I just ask because the parts look very high poly...

Just meant as suggestion. Right now the customers might complain about non-rezzing parts, next valid concerns might be "Omg, the dowload volume it too high.".

EDIT: Seeing you updated the picture to a colored version. About how many triangles are we talking ?

EDIT 2: Another option is to make the armor 'normal' attachments. Make them skinned/rigged might be not needed if they don't have to bend. Skinn weights  then only increase the download time/-volume.

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