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G-Rated RP Sims?


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Yep. I'm a kiddie. But I really like RP on other websites/games and it seems like something that'd be really fun in a world as customizable as Second Life.

The thing is, I'm having a bit of a problem finding RP areas that aren't M or A. I really don't have any real genres I play exclusively. I prefer sci-fi or historical but I'll give anything else a shot, except for erotic/adult, of course.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

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I have seen very few that are rated general, probably because many roleplay environments involve violence of some kind, as well as some mature language, etc.

My advice is to set your search to general and have at. Type "role-play," "sci-fi," "fantasy," or similar terms and scroll through the results. Many will probably be shops, which you can skip.

Also try hitting up some groups related to sci-fi and fantasy, or whatever other genre interests you. I know there are groups for roleplay based on the sci-fi series "Firefly" (and the related movie, "Serenity") which you may try looking into. Not sure of the ratings for those groups or the related places.

You could also try the destination guide, under "roleplaying communities." There are a few there that are rated general, and I spotted one that was sci-fi and general.

But yes, most are moderate at least. I don't know of any offhand that are general, personally.

Edited for having typed this late at night. And because I'm not sure if by "kiddie" you mean child avi, or RL teen.

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Very few (RP) sims are set to G rated, most RP themes are at least geared towards kids AND adults, not just kids.

Our sim, 1920s Berlin, tries to recreate a normal historical neighbourhood in a big city during a very interesting era.

We have a very strong community of men, women and children.

At the moment we're getting more and more kids and they are loving our city because in the 1920s there were not many cars and many children were "living" on the streets.

Poor people living in small houses often expected their children to stay outside between school and dinner time.

So children had lots of adventures, exploring abandoned houses, teasing the fat cop, smoking, fighting, cycling around, playing hide and seek, having meetings in their top secret club house, etc, etc.

Anyway, it is a real city, that means most things that happen are G rated, just the things you will experience in a RL city too.

People shop, they go to the cinema, dance, visit the museum, go to church, etc, etc.

But simply because some parts of our city are less suitable for kids and sometimes mature things happen, we are M rated.

None of the kids have yet complained about a situation they felt uncomfortable with but don't expect a Disney like themepark sim either.

On the other hand, one of the Berlin kids told me about her experiences visiting G rated sims especially build for kids and who claim to be safe, and she was a lot more disturbed by what happened there then in our city.

Anyway, come and have a look, see how things go.

Join our kids group; 1920s Berlin kids.

Ask the kids to show you around or chat to our grown ups.

Very tight community, people look after each other and if there is any trouble, you can telephone the police (yes we have real functioning telephone system) and they or a sim manager will come and help out.


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Ah, okay. That is what I thought, initially. And yes, I think with the integration of the teen grid into the main grid, things got harder for teen SL'ers, since nothing's really geared towards you guys anymore.

Like I said, poke around with all your search settings on "G" and see what you can find. Destination Guide helps, sometimes, though they don't always come up with places that actually have a lot of other people, so you have to try, try again there most of the time.

I do think you're going to have a hard time finding satisfying, realistic rp with a "G" rating. I don't think it'll be impossible, but certainly difficult. Personally, I see no problem with letting you into M-rated areas, as well, but LL makes the rules...

Edited because "destination" does not end with a "g." Typing fail...

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3656 days.

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