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SL viewer stuck on load progress bar?

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I have installed the SL viewer on 2 computers.

Laptop SL viewer is working fine.

Than I installed it on my newly upgraded with AMD video card,

& installed version 3 of SL.

SL viewer worked for 1 day & than the next day I started it again,

I am stuck on the loading screen where the progress bar comes up & 

it shows the world scene area/zone loading up status, & it doesn't do anything.

IT is totally stuck:

-tried to runas admin

-uninstalled / re-installed

-downloaded newer SL v3 viewer & installed

-upgraded my video card drivers

-checked for any other driver fixes

-rebooted several times.

Same result, any help appreciated?



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Did you complete a full uninstall and manually remove the hidden Second Life folder in AppData?

Uninstall normally then manually remove the hidden Second Life folders in AppData.

Enable Hidden Files & Folders:

1) Open Control Panel
2) Open “Folder Options”
3) Open the “View” tab
4) Check “Show hidden files, folders, and drives”

Press OK and close control panel.

Accessing AppData:

Browse to the path below that corresponds to your operating system:

Windows XP - C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\

Windows Vista - C:\Users\<username>\AppData\

Windows Vista Home Premium - C:\Users\<username>\AppData\

Windows 7 - C:\Users\<username>\AppData\ 

Inside the AppData folder:

1) Open the Local folder and delete the entire Second Life folder.

2) Go back one level to the AppData folder.

3) Open the Roaming folder and delete the entire Second Life folder. If you wish to save existing chat files you've had with other avatars, move the Roaming > [avatar name] folder elsewhere on your computer and drag any chat text files you wish to retain into the new Roaming > [avatar name] folder once Second Life is reinstalled and you've logged in at least once. Ignore if you don't want to save any.

4) Delete the Secondlife prefetch file in Windows > Prefetch

5) Restart your computer.

Now download a fresh copy of Second Life and install it.

If still in trouble, please post details of your computer spec. and especially which AMD card and driver you're using. You could also try the Phoenix Firestorm viewer which some people have success with when the official viewer 3 is causing a problem.



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Thanks for the quick post,

I tried everything but still same result after installing a fresh copy.

The progress bar is stuck on load up screen?

-deleted appdata SL folder in roaming & local folder

-deleted only SL files in windows / prefetch folder but not anything else since there are other half life video games files there too???

-uninstalled & downloaded new SL viewer 


Any help appreciated.

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Probably should have asked for this already but please post your computer specifications. Open SL to login screen and select Help > About Second Life and copy/paste the computer details from it. It will probably only show the GPU series so quote the exact card too. If you've already run SL for a day on this computer, which I assume is a desktop, it may very well not be the issue but let's have a look anyway.

You could also try a full uninstall again then download the previous official viewer 3 which is available here http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Release_Notes/Second_Life_Release/3.0.0 as some people have been unable to even open the latest version for some reason or as mentioned in first reply, or try Phoenix Firestorm viewer http://www.phoenixviewer.com/ . If you install the older official viewer be sure to disable automatic updates in Me > Preferences > Setup.

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Hi thanks for replying,

here is the link to the system spec's :-


Actually the phoenix viewer is working on the problem desktop but it would be nice to have SL v3 viewer working as well? Will reply back with further updates.

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Hi I ran into that problem myself. It usually happens when two viewers are installed and you cleared the cache in the other one. The work around is just clear the cache in Version 3.0 and it'll load fine

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