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Some mesh builds been working on

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I am not sure if this is the place to showcase work, but figured other mesh builders might be curious to see some of the stuff others been able to create with it.  These are some builds I am doing for a roleplay sim in Skerry of Einar, so keep in mind to walk around the sim you need permission if you are not wearing a combat meter.  I plan to do some tutorials for basic mesh architecture soon.

Not everything you see is mesh, like the plants, the furniture filling the buildings, etc.  I did the buildings, the rock cliffs, paths, the palisades, and rocks. 




For this beach, I made a large mesh terrain piece to have the dark sand right where we wanted it as opposed to normal terrain, and also did the docks in the back round, the surrounding cliffs, and groups of green rocks.  


Here is a mine that I baked some lighting/shading effects into that came out pretty cool.  Was all relatively simple modeling, but I think really shows something couldnt be done without mesh before.


And here is the tavern building again at night.  I made the inside to look like it was lit up at any time of day/night without using SL lights.  I know many have been using similar techniques with prims/ sculpts already for some time, but I have found it much easier to bake into a whole scene with mesh.  


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For the combat oriented crowd:



A few test renders of the F-15 (sans the interior):





I seem to be unable to directly embed images and video on the forums.

I assume these privileges are only made available after a certain post-count threshold has been reached? The knowledge base resource was unhelpful.

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Very nice, Phadrus.  When the video began, it took me a few seconds to realize that I was in fact looking at SL.  This is exactly the sort of trend I was hoping would be set. 

A few of us were discussing this kind of thing in another thread just a few days ago.  We talked about how the "SL look" will soon become a thing of the past.  It's great to see that starting to happen.

I especaially loved the part in the video where, after having watched the plane do its thing for a few minutes, and having gotten so used to its visual aesthetic, we see it come in for a landing on the carrier, and we're slapped across the face by just how remarkably unremarkable everything except the plane looks.

The message hits home, loudly, clearly, and inescapably.  All it takes is three or four minutes of seeing a proper 3D model in action, and we can't help but realize just how low our bar actually has been all these years.  Nicely done.

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Christmas is just around the corner, and I quickly have rebuilt a Xmas booth I had done with prims/sculpts 2 years ago. The prim/sculpt booth is 48 prims, including 7 sculpts (7 * 2048 = 14336 Tris from sculpts alone :matte-motes-confused:). The Mesh booth is rather similar looking, so it's not a fancy, super dooper mesh building. My goal was to save prims in first place. So that I can place more than 2 of those on our homestead during winter. Althought, I baked AO and some Spec into the mesh textures, so it looks even nicer now. And it has a land impact of just 17 (scripted) :smileyhappy:. Even more important, the entire linkset has 1467 triangles in Hi LODs. :matte-motes-sunglasses-1:







And finally a snapshot of the Lowest LODs.


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Yah, I had the pleasure of seeing your build in Aditi earlier today, Arton - a lovely example of tight mesh work and texturing (and the LOD held up very nicely, even from over on my side of the sim). Gorgeous shots, by the way!

(PS - Did the sandbox guy come back and annoy you after I logged off?)  :smileyvery-happy:

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I have it rezzed on Aditi Mesh Sandbox 4 (24h autoreturn), 200 meters above the ground. I haven't imported it on Agni yet. It should be there untill tommorow evening, CET.



I logged off immediatly, too. :matte-motes-big-grin:

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3257 days.

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