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Viewer 2/3 and Firestorm issue's

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Hey guys

Ok basically. ive been experience extreme fps drops lately in all the latest viewers and i cant figure out why or what options are causing the issue

Basically. i downloaded the official LL Viewer. and firestorm, set them to the exact same graphical options. and on both i recieve a max of 35-40 FPS , even in non crowded or low prim areas

Now. on a viewer called Singularity viewer. in high prim area's i get 120 FPS. with max graphical options so its strange with the sudden massive fps drop for me


AMD Phenom 2 955 3.2 BE
4GB DDR3 RipjawX 1600Mhz G.Skill Ram

As you can see, i have a very decent setup. and every other game on the planet runs at max graphics fine, even crysis 2

So i cant figure out why the LL Viewer drops fps so badly 

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I have had problems with both viewers as well.  Jerkiness, failed teleports, region handoffs not completing correctly so my viewer shows me on two regions at the same time, low frame rates, crashing on teleport, crashing for no reason whatsoever, inventory not populating, inventory populating so slowly it may as well not be there, etc.  I could go on and on.

The Firestorm viewer has been in beta for a LONG time.  I'm no beta tester, but I tried it and the mesh version once just to see if they were as stable as Phoenix and oh my god no they aren't.

I hate the User Interface of Viewer 2/3.  It also has no build tools like Phoenix does. 

I went to the Phoenix Hour a couple of days ago and asked this simple question:  "Do you have a sense yet about when Firestorm will come out of Beta and when Phoenix will get mesh?"  After my question was read, some smart aleck in the audience yelled out; "When they are ready!"  OK, first of all, I didn't ask the audience, but thank you so much for your input! 

The answer?  We don't know yet.  There is still a LOT to do and fix before they feel comfortable releasing it as an RC.  As far as Phoenix getting mesh...they have one and only one Dev that is working on it and evidently there is something in the RLV portion that is preventing the mesh code from working properly.  This one Dev is the only one who can do anything with the RLV code in Phoenix, so they could give no time for Phoenix getting mesh either. 

I tried the Cool VL viewer as well and it worked really well for me too (it is mesh enabled and uses the Snowglobe viewer as a base) but I didn't like that region handoffs were most of the time not completed correctly and so the issue of the viewer showing me on two regions at once happened more often than any of the others. 

In the end, Phoenix is the only stable viewer out there in my opinion (some may say Kirsten's is stable as well, but that project has been discontinued and I can't find anyplace to even download it anymore) with good frame rates, no glitches and great build tools. 

I know that at some point all V1.0 viewers will be phased out (Phoenix is one) so I can only hope that the Firestorm team get the bugs fixed, get the frame rates up and get the region handoff issues resolved before that happens.  After the Phoenix hour, I'm starting to lose hope that it will though.

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Phoenix should be open source, so a dedicated programmer should be able to lift that code and make it work.  The guy who did Cool VL was able to backport mesh into a V1 viewer in a few months.  Singularity developers have now backported mesh into their viewer.  So it's not a matter of whether or not it can be done — it can be.  It's just that having made a bad decision to go with a crappily-designed outsourced viewer for SL, the Phoenix team simply has no interest in further maintaining Phoenix.  To that end they've been fibbing about the difficulty of backporting features, or if not that, don't have the programming skill and therefore think it's more difficult than it really is.  Either way, the low priority given to Phoenix's V1 viewer means that users who enjoy using SL with far fewer glitches and crashes will either have to switch to Singularity or Cool VL or wait until somebody with more talent for backporting V2-V3 features into the Phoenix viewer picks up the project.  Come to think of it, if I or someone I knew had the ability, I'd seriously consider doing just that...

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