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What is going rate, or fair price to rent a commercial parcel for Main Stores?

Xanna Wahwah
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Hi there,

  I'd like to rent part of my own parcel to other merchants who want to set up a small Main Store location.  Gearing it towards someone who wants the benefits of having a real main store rather than a mall rental.  I want the price to be fair and I am not in it to make money, but just to cover partial costs of my sim rental. Currently I have 6 small parcels of 100-150 prims...I was going to price the parcels at about 2L per prim.  This seemed fair to me, judging by the prices of a mall rental of the same proportions.  I even included a store building that wouldn't take away from their own prim count.  Feedback welcome, good or bad :)

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