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Something for fun..Cute and funny or neat videos..

Ceka Cianci

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Anything fun or funny or cute  or really neat...

I can't help but spend hours in youtube some days when i'm in second life..especailly when it's raining out..so lets share some of our faves...


i love how one serch will take you into so many other directions..

i went to see what all they had remixed with the "Charlie bit my finger" video and ended up coming passed this oen that was related..

it's the cutest  video about  a 2 year old girl  showing her mommy her mothers day present that her and daddy made for mommy...early .hehehe

it's called never trust a 2 year old hehehehe


Almost forgot for the cool!!!  hehehehe i saw this over at SLU  in one of their random pic vid thread a few days ago..

it's just cool and next summer we're setting one up at one of our lakes we have..all it took was showing my father and hubby this video and they were sold heheheh

Vooray!!! human slingshot  and a slip and slide  Vooray!!!

a ramp is a ramp i guess hehehe



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Venus Petrov wrote:

Justin Timberlake's classic 'Dick in a Box' had me laughing.  Here is one of his followup vids...also pretty funny.


i think he enjoys making fun of his boyband days more than anyone else does lol

i really think he is a pretty funny guy..i saw him in friends with benefits and he was good hehehe


here is some more fun stuff hehehehe

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leyna wrote:

This isn't really cute or funny, it just makes me feel good - I guess it could fall under the "neat" category.




that really was neat.. =)

I really liked it a lot..thank you for posting it =)


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These are all great ..keep them coming.. =)

here is one for giggles untill i can go do a deeper search hehehe


and remember..anything that is fun or cute or funny or neat or whatever really makes you feel good and smile or laugh or makes youre day or just looks like a good fun thing to do...

i'm loving everyones videos so far.. we can't laugh or smile enough these days =)

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Maryanne Solo wrote:

Can't put a square peg in a round hole? Here is the solution..


Boring, I know :smileyindifferent:

i should tell work about those..

they are always fixing the dies here that we get from the customers..

we have about 80 machines and who knows how many dies for each machine..then there are the presses also for the trimmers with all those dies in them..plus the leak test machines they have to build here for the new parts getting made all the time..

this is actually very neat..

i just wonder if our machine dept has ever heard of it before..

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Parhelion Palou wrote:

That is so cool! (Literally too.) I forsee significant difficulties making a transportation system out of it, but the experiments would be lots of fun.

Isn't it, Parhelion?!

I have an Edmund Scientific Meissner Effect kit that's been great fun to noodle with, but that demo just gives me goosebumps!

As for making a commercially viable train using Meissner levitation, I think there are at least a couple. I don't see them becoming popular until we can get the superconducting temperatures much higher. A while back I read about a concept for improving efficiency by putting maglev trains in evacuated tunnels to eliminate air resistance.

But there's another problem with high speed trains that this clever idea addresses...

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3569 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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