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Mila Edelman

Still looking! We need a sculpter. Come sculpt for us.

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Old Time Prims has a very special position open: Sculpter!

See our advert for details:

That’s right, if you can sculpt clothing and fabric, your place may just be at our shop. We’ve got a sometimes-hectic release schedule, and cannot always do sculpts ourselves. We are looking for someone to help lighten the load.

Your job will be to make exclusive (for Old Time Prims) high-quality sculpts, with shade maps, full perm, based on photographs. Could be shoes, could be dress pieces, could be hats–we’ve got a big list. Our main stipulation is that you cannot sell or give these sculpts away to anyone, but us. In copyright terms, this will be a “work for hire.” We will pay you for work to be done, for us, and we will own the copyright. This does not mean that we will ever say “we made this sculpt you did.” It means that we are the owners of it, and have sole rights to use it as we see fit. In fact, we’d like to add you to our website’s staff page, so you may have credit, and point other clients to it, as credit for your work.

Prior to start of work, we will need to negotiate payment. First ever project will receive pay upon completion (please understand, you are unknown to us, and we need to be sure you're not scamming to get a partial payment, only to disappear--it has happened to us before). All subsequent projects will be paid as half up-front, and half on completion.


  • Ability to sculpt
  • Ability to do shade maps
  • Willingness to correct or rework things as needed
  • Acceptance of your works as “Work for Hire,” owned by Old Time Prims
  • Willingness to use e-mail. Some images we will send need to be bigger than what SL allows. You can use an SL-named e-mail. That's fine. We do, too.
  • Willingness to not create sculpts for competing businesses, as part of your contract with us. This does not mean “all clothing businesses” (we don’t compete with, say, modern or goth clothing stores). It means “all vintage clothing businesses.” Final determination of what constitutes a competing business will be made by us. Feel free to ask!

If this sounds like you, please send us (to Mila Edelman) a notecard in-world. We will require samples.

To learn more about the sorts of products we sell, click here start at our homepage. You do not need to be into vintage at all to work with us (it won't count against you if you're not). You need to be a good sculpter who can take direction. 

PS: One past employee purchased sculpts in SL, and tried to pass them off as her own work, exclusive for OTP. It must be very clear: these sculpts must be made by you, exclusively for OTP.

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